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Real Stealth Game x Metal Gear Solid

Destroy a Top Secret-weapon Metal Gear

You will become the Legendary Hero, Snake
Alaska, Fox Islands, Shadow Moses island.
Solid Snake was sent to this isolated island on a solo-infiltration mission to stop a nuclear terrorism ploy by Special Forces Unit "FOXHOUND".
However, remnants of the defeated soldiers rose up and restored the "Metal Gear". With it, they plotted revenge against the world.
You, as Solid Snake, received a mission from the government to prevent this terrorist attack, and once again head back to infiltrate the island.

For this Real Stealth Game, you will become the legendary hero, Solid Snake, and infiltrate the enemy's base.
To complete your mission, you must be fearless and approach your enemies with both caution and tenacity. Do not be afraid to threaten them when necessary.
Live up to the name of the legendary hero, and use your strength and wit to destroy the top secret nuclear super-weapon "Metal Gear"!

Style of play:

Generally, each team is made up of 3 players.
Throughout the game venue, up to 30 players can be playing at the same time. However, the game must be challenged in groups.
The maximum time of play is 15 to 45 minutes.
When you start the game, you will have 15 minutes. However, if you are seen and shot by an enemy, the time you have to clear the game will decrease. Instead, if you find healing items, your time will increase.
The average time to clear the game is estimated to be 30 minutes.



Event dates:

- Japanese Version: 12 September 2018 onwards
- English Versions: 18 September 2018 onwards

Things to Note:

*You can enter from 10 minutes prior to 1 hour after the time stated on your ticket. (E.g. Doors open 11:00 → You can enter anytime between 10:50 and 12:00)
*Due to the nature of the game, you may not be able to join the game if you arrive late.
*Groups will be allowed to begin the game one at a time. Please understand that you may have to wait awhile for your turn.
*The time limit starts at 15 minutes. However, if you are seen and shot by an enemy, the time you have to clear the game will decrease and if you gain healing items, your time will increase. Therefore, duration of gameplay varies with different groups.

*This Real Stealth Game has to be challenged in groups of a maximum of 3 players.
*Due to the nature of the game, pre-school children are not allowed to participate.
*The suggested age range for the game is middle school and above.
*Groups that consist of only middle school aged and below participants will not be permitted to play. For middle school aged participants, a guardian must be present in the group. (e.g. 2 middle school students, 1 adult)
*For elementary school aged and below participants, a guardian of over age 20 must be present.
*As you will have to move a lot during the game, there will be free coin lockers to store your belongings.
*As you will have to move a lot during the game, participants with the following conditions cannot participate. If you are unsure about your eligibility to participate, please contact the store and inquiry beforehand.
- Expecting mothers
- Wheelchair bound participants
- Those with walking disabilities

*Unlike other Real Escape Games, this game can be played more than once.
*We are unable to process refunds after the purchase of tickets has been made. Also, once a ticket is bought, it cannot be changed to another category of ticket, so please be careful when purchasing tickets.
*Reselling of tickets is prohibited under any circumstances.
*If advanced tickets are sold out online, there will be no at-the-door tickets either.

*If there are very few tickets let for a certain time slot, Trio, Pair and Solo Tickets may not be available.
*On the day, please register at the counter only when everyone in your group is present.


Ticket prices:

Trio Tickets(Play in 3s)
-Advanced Tickets: 6,300yen(1 pax: 2,100 yen)
-At-the-door Tickets: 7,200yen(1 pax: 2,400 yen)

Pair Tickets(Play only in 2s)
-Advanced Tickets: 4,800yen (1 pax: 2,400 yen)
-At-the-door Tickers: 5,400yen(1 pax: 2,700 yen)

Solo Tickets(Play alone)
-Advanced Tickets: 3,800 yen (1pax)
-At-the-door Tickets: 4,100 yen(1pax)

Continue: 800 yen(extend for 10 minutes)

Time limit:

15 - 45 minutes

Buying your tickets

Advanced sales -


At-the-door sales -

If advanced sales tickets are not sold out, they will be sold at the door. Please see here to check the availability of at-the-door tickets.



APM Building , 1-27-5, Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan 160-0021


Q: Can non-Japanese speakers play the game?
A: English versions are available for this game so non-Japanese speakers who can understand English are welcome to play the game as well!

Q: Can I buy tickets from overseas?
A: Yes, the ticketing sites allow you to purchase tickets using your credit card.

Q: Are there walk-in / at-the-door tickets?
A: Yes there are, but it will depend on the edition. For room type editions, you will be able to purchase tickets on the spot only if there are available slots for that timing. We cannot guarantee that you can join the slot of your preferred timing. For hall and stadium type editions, there will be at-the-door tickets as long as tickets are not listed as "sold out" on the ticketing page. To be safe, please try to buy advanced tickets online before coming for the games.

Q: Is there any minimum age?
A: None! Children will be able to enjoy the game as well, though they should be accompanied by an adult.