SCRAP - Escape from the Science Lab of the Shifting Rules (Remote Version)

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Earth is suddenly in danger!

Use the “Rule Changing Machine
and escape from the science lab!

  • Team Size
    1~6 players

  • Style

    Recommended - Laptop/Computer or Tablet

    Acceptable - Smartphone

  • Use of ZOOM

    Mic needed
    Camera can be off

  • Time Limit: 60 mins

    Total Time: ~100 mins

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Today is the day the craziest invention gets revealed to the world.
The ‘machine which changes our world’s scientific laws’.

As a fellow distinguished inventor of gadgets, you were invited to the online press conference for the announcement of this latest invention. However, what appeared on the other side of the screen was pure chaos!

Fish were floating in the air, rain was flowing in reverse from floor to ceiling, a chair was merged with the wall.... And in the middle of it all was a single humanoid AI robot, flustered, and pleading for your help.

“The invention has gone out of control, altering our world’s rules of psychics! In just 60 minutes, these effects will spread worldwide and cause mass disruption! Please help me stop the machine and return things to normal!”

Can you work with the AI robot to alter the rules, stop the machine, and save the world?

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Event Period

4 February 2021 (JST) Onwards
* 3 February 2021 (PST)
Conducted Online

Time Slots

Friday & Monday: 7AM / 7:15AM / 9:30AM / 9:45AM / 12 PM / 12:15PM (JST)
*Thursdays & Sundays: 2PM / 2:15PM / 4:30PM / 4:45PM / 7PM / 7:15PM (PST)

Saturday & Sunday: 7AM / 7:15 AM (JST)
*Fridays & Saturdays: 2PM / 2:15PM (PST)

*Slot timings may differ from above depending on the day

Please make sure to check, check, and double check what DATE & TIME it is in your local area carefully!
(Your session may be on the PREVIOUS DAY when converted to your local time.)

While you can still play from anywhere in the world, this game is operated out of Japan.

Get your tickets for February here

*All timings shown here are in Pacific Standard Time (PST) or Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).
For more details, check the event or ticket page.

△ means that a ticket is available, the × means that ticket has been sold or is unavailable.

*Even if you purchase the same time slot for both rooms, both teams (12 players) cannot play together.
Only the 6 players (or less) in the same room will play together.
*Both rooms run the same game, but are conducted separately at the same time.

Time Slots

Ticket Price

Group Ticket (Allows up to 6 players to join)
20,000 JPY (about 192 USD)
(If 6 players: 32 USD per player)

*All prices are inclusive of tax.
*A Group Ticket allows any number between 1~6 players and 1~6 devices to join the game.
*The recommended group size for this game is 4~6 players. Please contact us if you wish to add more players to your game.
*All tickets are time-slot tickets, and cannot be used outside of the time stated.

Ticket Sales Period

  • 4 February 2021 (JST) / 3 February 2021 (PST) onwards
    Conducted Online

Read the Important Points regarding tickets here

Ticket Sales Period

Necessary Equipment to Play

  • In order to participate, you will need a computer, tablet, or device with internet connection. In order to get the full experience, we recommend playing with a computer or tablet with a large screen. You can play with a smartphone as well, but if your screen is too small it may take away from the experience. This game is not compatible with flip phones.
  • You will need to use the video conference app, ZOOM, during the game.
    Make sure you download ZOOM before starting the game.

    *It is free to download and create an account on ZOOM

  • Due to the nature of the game, you will need to use the microphone function on ZOOM.
    There are certain parts of the game where you will be required to do some actions. However, we will not force you to turn on your video if you wish not to.

ZOOM System Requirements


  • 1.Buy Tickets

    Check the dates and time slots available, and buy tickets for the game slot you want at least 24 hours prior to it.

    Buy Tickets Here
  • 2.Install ZOOM

    Make sure you download and update the video conference app, ZOOM, before the game begins.

  • 3.Check the Game Information Email

    An email with all the important information regarding your game, including a unique ZOOM access link, will be sent to the buyer at least 1 hour before your game begins. Make sure you check it and forward it to all the other players!

    *Set your email so that you can receive emails from

  • 4.Access the URL

    Access the URL that was sent to you through email at least 5 minutes before the game begins.

    *We strongly recommend that you access the link on a computer or laptop to enjoy the game to its fullest.

Important Points

Regarding Game Participation
・An email with all the important information regarding your game will be sent to the person who bought the tickets at least 1 hour before your game begins.
Do not forget to forward the email to your teammates.

*If you have email filters set up against spam mail, you may not receive our email in your main inbox. Be sure to check your spam inbox as well. If you still have not received any email from us 1 hour prior to your game, please email us at asap.

・The game's meeting room will open 10 minutes before the time stated on your ticket. Please check the email you will receive for all details regarding how to join the game.

*Make sure you have accessed the ZOOM link 5 minutes prior to the start of the game.

・Due to the nature of the game, you may not be granted entry if you sign in late.
・This game is designed for up to 6 players. Do not have more than 6 people. Please contact us if you wish to play with more.
・All game slots of the same game title will have the same puzzles and performance.
As a general rule, we discourage players who have played the same game before and already know the answers to all the puzzles to join the game a second time, as it can ruin the experience for those who are playing for the first time.

*However, you can play the game a second time ONLY if all players are repeating players.

・Your ZOOM user ID will be seen by all other players and staff. Make sure your user ID is morally acceptable. Also, please respect all players and staff. Any slandering or verbal abuse against other players or the staff will result in your immediate expulsion from the game.

*In the above case, you will not receive a refund for your ticket.

・This game will be conducted online and from Japan. Please understand that the quality of your game experience relies heavily on your internet connection and computer speed. We are not able to take responsibility if your video and sound quality is bad due to your computer and internet conditions.
・All internet and data costs incurred during game play will be borne by the customer.
About Tickets
・Tickets will be available up until 24 hours prior to the time of each game slot.
・All tickets have a fixed date and time. You cannot join another time slot outside that which is stated on the ticket you purchased.
・We are unable to process refunds after a purchase has been made, or make any changes to your ticket (such as date, time, and type of ticket.) Make sure you check the date and time very carefully before purchasing a ticket. Please remember the games are being operated from Japan and are in Japan Time.
・Reselling of tickets is prohibited under any circumstances.
Recommended Age
・Based on the difficulty of the puzzles, the suggested age for this game is middle school and older.


About the Game

How long does the game last?
You have a time limit of 60 minutes to clear the game. Including briefing and debriefing, we estimate the total time taken to be 100 minutes.

*There will be no intermission period. Make sure you use the bathroom before the game starts.

How do I get the URL to play the game?
After purchasing, you will receive an email with your game session details and a unique ZOOM link. This will be sent to the buyer at least 1 hour before your game begins. Make sure this email is forwarded to everyone participating in the game.
I have not received any email with my game information. What should I do?
If you have email filters set up against spam mail, you may not receive our email in your main inbox. Be sure to check your spam inbox as well. If you still have not received any email from us 1 hour prior to your game, please email us at asap.
Can I participate with someone who lives with me?
Yes, you can! You can choose to both play through 1 device, or you can use separate devices. If you choose the latter, make sure that you are in separate rooms to avoid any audio feedback.
If we can’t solve the puzzles in time, will you share the solution with us?
Yes, we will explain the solution to all puzzles after your time limit is up.

About Players

Is there an age restriction to play this game?
No, there is no strict age limitation. Players in middle school and older will require a ticket to participate. Based on the difficulty of the puzzles, the suggested age is middle school and older.
Can middle school children participate in this game by themselves?
No, middle school children and below cannot participate by themselves. Due to the difficulty of the game, we require a guardian of at least age 20 and above to play together with the children.
Can children and non-English speakers play?
Children and non-English speakers can play if they can read and write English for upper middle school level (Grade 8 upwards).
Do the Japanese version and English version have the same puzzles?
Not everything is the same. If you have played the Japanese version, you are welcome to play the English version as well (or vice-versa).
Can we play from outside of Japan?
Yes. If you have the required internet connection and devices, you can play even if you live outside of Japan.
I don’t speak any Japanese! Can I still play?
Of course! The English version of the game will be in English.
I’ve already played this game once. Can I play it another time?
You can only if everyone in your team has played it before. Do note that the story and puzzles will all the same as the first time you played it.

About Tickets

Can I use a coupon?
You can enter the coupon code only before purchasing the ticket. You cannot cancel or repurchase a ticket once the coupon has been used.


Age requirement
Recommended age for full enjoyment
Middle School and older.
※If you can read and write at a 8th grade level, you can enjoy the game!
Those with any heart issues
Those who are visually impaired
Those with hand disabilities
*If you are able to use a computer and write words, you can enjoy the game!
Those who are audibly impaired
Those with leg disabilities

You will solve puzzles through a computer, so there will be no need to move around.
Those who get motion sickness easily
Other limitations
If you have problems with the following, there is a chance you may not be able to enjoy the game.

・Looking at a computer screen for an extended period of time
・Watching scenes that may cause nervousness
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