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"THE MUMMY Escape Game" is a game that collaborated with the movie "The Mummy" released all over the world this summer!
It is a game which solves a puzzle in a room made by imagining a set of movies.

You and your teammates are hired as Security Guards for Prodigium.
This prestigious underground organization studies occult matters, supernatural happenings and uncanny creatures.
Earlier in the week, a new arrival entered the lab - Ahmanet, former princess of Egypt, turned prisoner as The Mummy.
Suddenly, while receiving an orientation about the facility, the alarm rings!
Now Ahmanet calls upon her ancient powers to break away from her confinement as she sets off the sensors and attempts to break the seal that keeps her from wreaking havoc.
The Mummy is said to bring calamity upon humanity and her release could be the beginning of the end.

Your mission is simple: Solve the puzzles and entomb The Mummy!

Style of play:

Indoor room, maximum of 10 people at a time. Everyone in the same session will play as one single team.




Event dates:

- Japanese Version: 27 July 2017 onwards
- English Versions: 29 September 2017 onwards

Things to Note:

- We are closed on certain dates. Please check those dates on the ticketing page.
- These are the dates for which we've started selling tickets for.
- Registration for each session starts 15 minutes before the session.
- Entry into the game will not be allowed after the session starts.
- Please note that you may be shifted to other sessions or days if the session you've signed up for has too many or too few people.
- Please refrain from playing the game multiple times.


Ticket prices:

3,200 yen
* If advanced sales tickets are sold out, at-the-door tickets will not be made available.

Time limit:

60 minutes

Buying your tickets
Please contact us if you want to play!!

Each customer is only allowed to buy a maximum of 10 tickets per transaction. We seek your understanding should the session you wish to go for become sold out.



GUNKAN Higashi-Shinjuku 401,1 Chome-1-10 Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tōkyō-to 169-0072


Q: Can non-Japanese speakers play the game?
A: English versions are available for this game so non-Japanese speakers who can understand English are welcome to play the game as well!

Q: Can I buy tickets from overseas?
A: Yes, the ticketing sites allow you to purchase tickets using your credit card.

Q: Are there walk-in / at-the-door tickets?
A: Yes there are, but it will depend on the edition. For room type editions, you will be able to purchase tickets on the spot only if there are available slots for that timing. We cannot guarantee that you can join the slot of your preferred timing. For hall and stadium type editions, there will be at-the-door tickets as long as tickets are not listed as "sold out" on the ticketing page. To be safe, please try to buy advanced tickets online before coming for the games.

Q: Is there any minimum age?
A: None! Children will be able to enjoy the game as well, though they should be accompanied by an adult.

Q: Can I play this game multiple times?
A: Each person can only play once. Please refrain from playing the same game multiple times!