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Asakusa Puzzle Adventure
Discover hidden Asakusa through a trail of puzzles!

Asakusa Puzzle Adventure

From trends to culture, discover hidden Asakusa through a trail of puzzles!



No Limit

1 ~ people

3-4 hrs.

Take photos around Asakusa on this puzzle tour!
Discover the culture, trends, and history of the city through your camera lens!

For this game, "photography" is key!
Players will take photos of the city's sights in person and send them to the event's web chat to advance to the next location.
Through this game, you'll be able to uncover many of the city's hidden charms!


Asakusa--One of Japan's most popular tourist spots.

With so many sights to see, it's impossible to decide where to go!
For this very reason, we've expertly created a puzzle-packed Asakusa tour.

"Photography" will be your key to success.
From historical structures, to narrow alleyways, to comforting, retro cafes,
solve puzzles as you photograph the various sides of Asakusa's cityscape.

Solve every puzzle and you'll find yourself an Asakusa-expert.
Come spend a special day, and capture every moment of your adventure.

Style of play:

This game is a field-type game where you search the streets while using your game kit. There is no time limit or limit to the number of players. You can play at your own pace.
*A smartphone with a working camera, and access to the Internet is required.



Event dates:

- Japanese Version:
Starting March 14, 2024

- English Version:
Starting May 10, 2024

- Game Kit Purchase/Pick-up Times (daily)
May 10: From 3pm
May 11 onwards: From 10am


Ticket prices:

【Game Kit】

2,700 yen (tax included)

【Event Exclusive "Asakusa Puzzle Adventure" Original Tote Bag】

(+)4,200 yen (tax included)

【U22 Fan Club Members On-the-day Ticket】
* Weekday On-the-day tickets only
On-the-Day(Online/at the venue)
1,350 yen (tax included)


U22 Fan Club Members
*On-the-day weekday tickets only
This event is eligible for the U22 members discount.
Anyone below 22 years old can get on-the-day weekday tickets at half price if they sign up to be members of the SCRAP FUN CLUB.
Check here for details.
*The website is only in Japanese.

Important Points:

【Things You Will Need / Recommendations】
・For this event, your smartphone must have a working camera, internet access, and be able to access a web browser for the game's web chat. This game is not compatible with flip phones or tablets.
・Please make sure to charge your smartphone before playing. Note that the player is responsible for any costs to connect to the Internet.
・Please wear comfortable shoes as this event involves walking around the city.

【About Purchasing the Game Kit】
・If multiple people are participating in the event, please purchase a game kit for each of them.
・A game kit is required for children age 6 and above to participate.
・Transfers or resales of the game kit are strictly prohibited under any circumstances.
・We cannot reissue game kits in the case that you lose one during the event. We will ask that you purchase a new one.
・All tickets are non-refundable after purchase. Please double-check all the information carefully before purchasing tickets.

【About the Event】
・The estimated total time spent is 3-4 hours.
*This only includes puzzle-solving and travel time.
*It is first-come, first-served for each time slot.
・You can play any day after purchasing the game kit, but please refrain from playing early in the morning or late at night, as it may disturb the residents of the area.
・There is no time limit. It may take some time to clear the game, so we recommend that you give yourself plenty of time to play.
・If you're unable to clear the game within the day, it's possible to continue another day as long as you bring your game kit with you.
・Follow the traffic rules and take all necessary precautions to avoid injury or accidents. We will not be responsible for any thefts or accidents were they to occur.
・Do not solve the puzzles or use your phones or other devices while walking, as it can be dangerous. Please do not stop abruptly and watch your surroundings as you walk.
・While participating in the event, please be considerate of others who are shopping, sightseeing, etc.
Also, please refrain from sitting in the middle of public streets or indoor facilities.

【Recommended Age to Enjoy This Event】
・Considering the difficulty level, we recommend this game to those age 12 and above.
・Due to the difficulty level and as a safety precaution, children age 11 and below will not be able to participate on their own. A parent/guardian (age 18 and above) must join the group for them to participate.
*The accompanying parent/guardian must also purchase a game kit.
*Children age 5 and below, if accompanied by a parent or guardian, can participate for free.
・We ask that the parents/guardians of participants under 18 years of age instruct their children to be at home by 11:00 pm in accordance with the "Youth Protection and Development Ordinance".

【Supported Languages】
・This event is available in Japanese and English. Please note that the puzzles, route, and certain locations are different between the two versions.

【About Game Spoilers】
・For the sake of those who have yet to participate in the event, we do not allow the publication of the puzzle questions or their answers on the Internet (blogs, social media, etc.).
However, you are welcome to share photos of the stores you stopped at along the way, the game kit bag, booklet cover, and anything else unrelated to the puzzles.

【About Multiple Plays】
・Multiple plays are possible but the event content will be the same.

【In the Case of Heavy Rain / Stormy Weather】
・This event will be held rain or shine. However, if an extreme weather-related situation arises where the event needs to be suspended, an announcement will be posted on the Real Escape Game official website.
*This website is only in Japanese.
・Even if the game were to be cancelled, we do not reimburse for travel expenses to and from the venue.



1 Chome-17-2 Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, Tōkyō-to 130-0001


Q. What kind of event is this?
A. This is an event where you tour around the city of Asakusa, and find your next destination by solving various puzzles.

Q. Can I still enjoy it even if I know nothing about Asakusa?
A. Of course! Our game will show you the sights of the city. It can be enjoyed by first-timers and Asakusa-lovers alike!

Q. Is there an age restriction?
A. There is no age restriction, however due to the difficulty level of the puzzles, the recommended age is 12 and above.
Children age 11 and below must be accompanied by a parent/guardian (age 18 and above).
*The accompanying parent/guardian must also purchase a game kit.
*Children age 5 and below, if accompanied by a parent or guardian, can participate for free.

Q. I've never participated in this kind of puzzle-solving game before. Is it difficult?
A. Sometimes you may need a flash of inspiration here and there, but we'll provide hints to help you enjoy the game until the end. First-timers are welcome to participate.

Q. I lost my game kit. Can I get another one?
A. Unfortunately, we cannot reissue game kits. We ask that you purchase another one.