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Escape from the Lockdown: The Demon Fortress

Escape from the Lockdown: The Demon Fortress

Save the 9 heroes trapped in a faraway fortress!

Online (Browser)



About 120~180min.

Lockdown series volume 2!
Team up with the 9 heroes as
the 'Puzzle Solving Hero'
and solve the mysteries of the Demon Fortress!

Game Style
This online Real Escape Game can be played as soon as you purchase your tickets.
Upon purchase, a custom URL will be issued for each player.
When you have solved all the puzzles using the information and videos on the website, you will have successfully completed the game.

Unlike any other remote games we have created in the past, this game has:

①Unlimited team size
②Playable whenever you want with no time limit (estimated time 120~180min)
③Can be played online using a web browser anywhere in the world

*This game will be entirely in English.

*Recommended team size is 2~4 players
*Estimated game time is about 120min~180min.

Event Period

19 February 2021 (PST) Onwards


In the world you live in, humanity lives in fear of the demons.

9 heroes headed to the Demon Fortress in order to defeat the Demon King.
The heroes have not been heard from since.

The world will be swallowed by darkness if nothing is done.
One day, your 'Communication Crystal' rings.
In the crystal ball, you see... the heroes who were thought to be dead!

"Finally! It's connected! We've been confined in the Demon Fortress's prison! Please, can you save us? We've found this..."

What the weakened heroes revealed was a map of the prison along with a note with cryptic puzzles.

As the 'Puzzle Solving Hero' you start working right away!

Will you be able to solve all the puzzles within the Demon Fortress, save the heroes, and bring peace to the world?



Ticket price

On SCRAP Bookings/Web Version:
3,000 Japanese Yen (About 28 USD) per ticket

On Steam/Steam Version:

*The story/puzzles in this game are completely identical to the same game you can purchase from our SCRAP Bookings website.

Day 1 is available for free as a Demo version
Full Game(Full Bundle) - 3,000 Japanese Yen
Day 2 - 700 Japanese Yen
Day3~Ending - 2400 Japanese Yen

*International credit cards are accepted

Purchase Ticket

Please make sure you can view the video on this page before you purchase your tickets.
On SCRAP Bookings/ Web Version:
※Purchase tickets through "SCRAP BOOKINGS"(free to register).
※As soon as you complete your purchase, you will receive a link to access the game page.

On Steam/ Steam Version:

*The story/puzzles in this game are completely identical to the same game you can purchase from our SCRAP Bookings website.

※You will be sent to the Steam page.
※Please make sure you read the game requirements before you purchase the game.
※The game is only available for Windows PC.


①Choose your teammates!

You can play whenever you want with as many people as you want!

②Purchase your tickets!

Each player will need to purchase 1 ticket. You can buy them individually or have a representative purchase them all!
※Please be aware that if any unauthorized usage is detected, an additional fee may be charged.

③Check the rules before you play!

Get your pens and papers ready! If you have teammates, get your communication tool ready as well!

④Game start!

In this game, you will become a Puzzle Solving Hero and work remotely with the 9 captured heroes.
Solve the puzzles, and discover the mystery of the Demon Fortress!
※If you play with multiple players, we recommend using earphones to prevent echoing.

⑤Solve puzzles freely!

No time limit! Take breaks and solve puzzles slowly, or maybe do a 2 hour time attack! Enjoy the game however you want!
※Hints will be provided if needed

⑥The final results...!?

If you reach the ending, you beat the game! Share your thoughts on social media!


Online through a web browser
Use a computer, a tablet or a smartphone

Important Points&FAQs

More info on how to play