Brought to you by the pioneers of real-life escape games across the globe!!
Escape from the Never-Ending Locks and Keys
Find every key, open every lock.

Escape from the Never-Ending Locks and Keys

There’s only one way to get out: Open every single lock in the room!


REAL ESCAPE GAME Shimokitazawa

30 min.

2~6 people

50~60 min.

A room with the most keys and locks in the world?!

Open every single lock and escape the room!!

Style of play:

Room Type, max 6 players per session.
Everyone in the same session will play as a group.


Here lies a strange room with too many locks to count. Tiny locked doors fill the spaces on the walls. Mysterious boxes scattered about. Shelves with rows and rows of drawers. And the exit, closed shut... Every single one of them needing a key to open. There's only one way to get out: Find over 60 keys hidden within the room and open every single lock. You have 30 minutes. The only clues you have are a handful of symbols and numbers. Put your creativity and scavenging skills to the test. Can you conquer the ultimate room of locks and keys?


Real Escape Room Shimokitazawa

Event dates:

- Japanese Version: 8 February 2021 onwards
- English Versions: 2 August 2023 onwards

Event Schedule:

Weekdays: 1:40pm
Saturday, Sunday, Holiday: 7:10pm

・The minimum number of players for each session is 2.
・If there are less than 2 players booked for the session, you will be informed a day before to change to another date.
・We may have to change your booked session to another timing or date if there are not enough people on the day.
・Please understand that changes to the event schedule may happen without notice.
・Doors will open 10 mins before each session.
・You will be denied entry if you arrive later than the start time.

*The event location's days off vary, so please check the Japanese website listed here for more information.


Ticket prices:

Individual: Advanced 2,400 yen / On-the-day 2,700 yen
Group Ticket: Advanced 12,600 yen

【Weekend, Holiday and High Season】
Individual: Advanced 2,700 yen / On-the-day 3,000 yen
Group Ticket: Advanced 14,400 yen

What is a Group Ticket?
・A Group Ticket allows up to 6 people to participate in the game together as a private session.
・If you want to make sure no other players join your session, please purchase a Group Ticket for your team.
・Everyone will need to check in together.
・Please present your group ticket with everyone present.

【Continue Option Price】
Continue (extra time): 800 yen/person for 10 min

Important Points:
・No changes (such as date, time, refunds, changing ticket type etc.) can be made after tickets have been purchased.
・If Advanced Tickets are sold out online, there will be no On-the-day Tickets sold at the venue either.
・Please check in on the day with everyone in your group present.
・The recommended age to fully enjoy this event is 13 and older.
・Children aged 15 and younger cannot join by themselves.
An adult aged 18 and older must be present in the group.
・Children aged 5 and under will not need a ticket. However, for children age 5 and under to join, they must be accompanied by an adult of age 18 and older.
・Group Tickets may not be available if there are few slots left.
・Those who wish to play the game a second time or more must purchase a group ticket. If playing a second time, please communicate within your group to make sure everyone enjoys the game.

How To Purchase Tickets:
Tickets for this game can only be purchased through SCRAP's ticketing platform.
*SCRAP BOOKINGS is a ticketing platform operated by SCRAP Co., LTD. (Free to register)

If you wish to play at a time different from those available on the website, please fill out this form. We will do our best to accommodate your request.



Real Escape Room Shimokitazawa

Tokyo, Setagaya City, Kitazawa, 2-14-14


Q: If only one person is booked, will the event be canceled?
A. Yes. Unfortunately, the game cannot run with only one participant. The minimum number is 2 players. If only one person is booked for a slot, that session will have to be canceled.

Q: Do we have to buy 6 tickets to play?
A: No, you don't! For example, if you purchase 2 tickets, you may end up playing together with up to 4 other people who bought English tickets for the same time slot.

Q: I checked the ticket website, and there are no suitable times for me to play in English.
A: If you wish to play at a time different from those available on the website, please contact us through the contact form. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Q: How long does it take?
A: The whole experience that includes briefing and the game will take about 50-60 mins in total.

Q: Can children or non-English speaking people play?
A: Everyone can certainly enjoy this experience if they can read and write in English at a fourth-grade level and higher.

Q: Is there an age limit?
A: No, there isn't. However, the recommended age to fully enjoy this event is 13 and older. Also, children of age 12 and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian of age 20 and older who is also participating.

Q: Can I play this game multiple times?
A: The answers will be revealed at the end of your session, so we ask that you do not play it again, unless you purchase a Group Ticket.

Q: Is there parking, designated smoking areas, coin lockers?
A: Parking lot × (Please use the paid parking nearby.)
Smoking area × (There is no designated smoking area.)
Coin locker × (Only those playing a game can use our free lockers. If your bag does not fit into our free locker, you can leave it with our cloak service for 200 yen.)