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Eureka! Escape from the Workshop of Wonders

Eureka! Escape from the Workshop of Wonders

Craft till you reach the answer you seek!



60 min.


120 min.

"An experience that will go beyond your imagination!"

Create it all from scratch!

Build with your "materials" to solve puzzles in this exciting, inspirational crafting experience!



Style of play:

Groups will challenge the game separately but in the same room.
Each group can have 2~4 people.
Maximum 2 groups can play at the same time. (Maximum capacity: 8 people)


Real Escape Room ASAKUSA

Event dates:

- English Version: 20 June 2024 onwards

If you wish to play at a time different from those available on the website, please fill out this form. We will do our best to accommodate your request.


When does this story take place? Yesterday, or today? In the past long ago, or far into the future?

Regardless, you suddenly find yourself in a strange workshop. Laid out in front of you are unfamiliar tools and curious materials."Hellooo everyone! Would you like to solve some puzzles!?!?" You feel like you've heard this voice before!

Appearing before you is this workshop's owner, the second son of the Eureka family--Craft Tsukuranka. A legend in the world of crafting, he's widely known for his genius creations. It was he who created the very golden age of crafting.

"Today, you all have the honor of challenging the most exciting, thrilling, creatively-fulfilling mystery yet!"

You gaze absent-mindedly around the empty room, as you listen to the words of the eccentric craftsman.
As far as you can see, there aren't any codes or puzzles for you to solve. All you have to work with are bizzare tools and peculiar materials.

"Ha ha ha! Why look so troubled? The puzzles of this workshop must be crafted by none other than yourself! For if you don't, you shall never arrive at the final answer! Now, craft, craft, and keep on crafting!!!"

It seems you won't be able to return to the outside world if you don't solve the mystery of this amusing little workshop. Oh well. You breathe out a sigh and get to work.

However, it seems you were still unaware... Unaware of the fearful surprise hidden within that puzzle...

Comment from Takao Kato - Game Creator:

I knew I wanted to use the concept of "creation", but the term "creation" can range from products made at a manufacturing plant to elementary students making crafts using scissors and tape at school.

And of course, a cool bearded guy wearing stylish clothes, designing a cutting-edge website in his sleek office is also considered "creation".
They're all pretty cool things, which is why I wanted to make a game centered around this concept.

Regardless of the setting, I knew that a fun game would come out of it, but I'd never thought for a moment that I wanted tons of people to experience the joy of creating things.

Because if no one else in the world knew the joy of creation, then I could reign as the world's greatest creator! But saying that would be the same as admitting defeat, so I kept that to myself.

So why did I make something like this? Well, I find that the most beautiful kinds of excitement are the moments where one experiences a flash of inspiration while creating something. It's those moments I love from the bottom of my heart.

If I could make a game where others could feel the same way, then maybe I could change the way everyone thinks about games, work, and even life as a whole. For our daily lives to be designed in ways that bring us closer to that sort of excitement... That's the kind of future I genuinely wish for.
You'll be able to experience that extraordinary excitement born through the process of crafting and creating in this game.

You will all understand this feeling soon enough.
After you finish the game, you'll surely think to yourself, "Ahhh, I want to create something too!"
That precisely is my wish and the core of what I believe makes this game so interesting.

SCRAP Co., LTD. Representative, Takao Kato

Important Points:

Important points regarding the event.

- The total time you will spend is approximately 100 to 120 minutes.

- This is a cooperative event where you work in teams of a maximum of 4 players.

- Each team must have at least 2 players. If you reserve by yourself, you will be contacted the day before the event requesting you to reschedule. In addition, if you arrive on the day of with not enough players, we will have you reschedule for a different day or time slot.

- We will not allow those who have been drinking to enter our store.

- We do not allow multiple plays. If you wish to participate a second time, we ask that you purchase a group ticket. - No refunds can be issued per the customer's request.

Important points regarding tickets

-Before purchasing tickets, please note that all tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
- All prices listed are inclusive of tax.
- We expect there to be high traffic during High Season periods (Golden Week, Year end and New Years, Summer holidays, etc.). Please be sure to check the price before buying your ticket.
- Your ticket is only valid on the date and time written on the face of your ticket.
- Ticket purchases are limited to 4 per person. Please note that it is possible for them to be sold out on your desired day.
- If advanced tickets are sold out, that means on-the-day tickets will also be sold out.
*To purchase or check the availability of on-the-day tickets, please click here.
- The last on-the-day ticket sold per day will be determined that morning. Therefore, we cannot give advanced notice.


【Weekday Prices】
Solo Ticket: Advanced 3,300 yen / On-the-day 3,600 yen
Group Ticket: Advanced 12,000 yen / On-the-day 13,200 yen

【Weekend, Holiday & High Season Prices】
Solo Ticket: Advanced 3,600 yen / On-the-day 3,900 yen
Group Ticket: Advanced 13,200 yen / On-the-day 14,400 yen

*High Season refers to extended holiday periods such as Golden Week in May, Year end and New Years, Summer Holidays, etc. Make sure to check the ticket prices carefully before purchasing.

* If advanced sales tickets are sold out, on-the-day tickets will not be made available.

What is a Group Ticket?
A Group Ticket allows you to have a private session for your group by buying out an entire session. You may join with 2-4 people. This method is slightly cheaper than buying 4 Solo Tickets.

Important points when purchasing Group Tickets

- Discount coupons cannot be applied to Group Tickets.
- If the remaining spots for a session are 3 or less, Group Tickets will not be available.
- If you want to ensure playing together with your group, please buy a Group Ticket.
- All members of the group must be present when you check in on the day. The staff will check to make sure you did not bring extra members.
- Children aged 5 and below will not be counted as participants.
- Children aged 12 and below will not be able to participate on their own. A guardian must join the group for children below 12 to participate.

Time limit:

60 minutes

Buying your tickets:

【Weekday Time Slots】

1:45pm / 3:45pm / 6:45pm

【Weekends Time Slots】

9:15am / 11:15pm / 1:45pm / 3:45pm / 6:45pm / 8:15 pm

If you wish to play at a time different from those available on the website, please fill out this form. We will do our best to accommodate your request.



Each customer is only allowed to buy a maximum of 4 tickets per transaction. We seek your understanding should your desired session become sold out.



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Q: Can first-timers of Real Escape Game events have fun with this event?
A: Of course! The staff will support you, so don't worry if it's your first time. There will also be an explanation of the puzzles and answers at the end.
Q: Will the event still be held if there's only one participant?
A: Unfortunately, no. The minimum number of participants for this event is 2 players. If there ends up being only 1 player reserved for a time slot, the event will be cancelled.
Q: Do we have to buy 4 tickets to participate?
A: Not at all! For example, if you buy 2 tickets, you will be teamed up with at most 2 other players. If you'd like to book out a session for your group only, please buy a Group Ticket.
Q: Will there be assigned groups/seating?
A: No. You will not need to purchase your tickets in immediate succession with the other members in your group.
Q: Can children enjoy this event too?
A: Yes, children who are able to read and write will be able to enjoy this event. For children aged 12 and under, a parent or guardian must join as a participant.
Q: Is there parking?
A: No. If you're traveling by car, please use a nearby paid parking lot. *We do not reimburse for parking expenses.
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