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Escape from the Haunted Manor
Haunted House
Real Escape Game

Escape from the Haunted Manor

"Are you ready?"
"Not yet..."



30 min.

2~6 people

60 min.

"Meet Haunted House x Real Escape Game! A joint-production between renowned haunted houses producer, Hirofumi Gomi, and SCRAP!"

Conquer your fears, solve the mysteries inside the house, and get out alive.

Will you succeed?

Style of play:

Room-type, 6 people max. *Minimum 2 people.
You will challenge the game as one group.


Real Escape Room ASAKUSA

Event dates:

- Japanese Version: 29 April 2022 onwards
- English Version: 11 April 2023 onwards


Rumors of a haunted mansion plaque a certain town.
Everyone who enters will never be seen again.
The town experienced missing person incidents frequently, making this claim seem more plausible.

You, a detective, have been assigned to this case. Your job was to verify the theory that the suspect occupies this house.
You've come while they aren't home in hopes to find evidence in this so-called haunted mansion.
You and your team desperately search the dim-lit house for clues.
Just then, a door creaks open, and you sense someone entering.

"Are you ready?"
"Not yet..."
you find yourself whispering in reply to the hoarse voice.
The voice, coated in amusement, replies-

"I'm coming for you!"

And thus begins the horror game of hide-and-seek.

What secrets lay hidden in this house?
Why hide-and-seek?
Can you escape before terrible things happen?
Conquer your fears, solve the mysteries inside the house, and get out alive.
Will you succeed?

Comment from Hirofumi Gomi:

"Escape from the Haunted Manor" broke the conventional format of a typical haunted house.
In this revolutionary horror entertainment concept, participants have to solve puzzle after puzzle while fear looms over them.

In my opinion, this is one of my best works, despite producing haunted houses for years.
I still get people coming up to me with high praises for it today.
These are the same people who urged their friends to experience it at least once, and were disappointed when the event ended back in 2017.
They would speak about it as if their favorite restaurant had closed down-dejected that they'd never have a taste of it again.

The good news is that the event has been brought back and will run again in 2023.
I hope you'll take this chance to try this delightfully spin-chilling experience,
including hiding in a closet and holding your breath as something creeps closer and closer..."

Hirofumi Gomi (Haunted House Producer)

Important Points:

Important points regarding the event.
-A minimum of 2 people is required for this experience.
-If you book a solo ticket and no one else books the same session, you will be asked to choose another date for the experience.
-You may be moved to another time session or date if you are the only one to turn up on the day, unless you purchased a Group Ticket.
-Check-in 10 minutes before your session starts.
-Turning up late can inconvenience other participants in the same session and you may be denied entry. Please keep that in mind.
-You may be moved to another time session or date if you are the only one to turn up on the day.

Important points regarding tickets
-Before purchasing tickets, please note that all tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
-Up to 6 tickets can be purchased per transaction. We apologize if the session of your choice happens to be sold out. Please check the Japanese timeslots available and contact us if you wish to play during those time. We will do our best to accommodate your request..
-Children aged 12 and below must be accompanied by a guardian.
-Children aged 5 and below may enter for free if accompanied by a guardian.


【Weekday Prices】
Individual Ticket: Advanced Sales 2,400 yen
Individual Ticket: On-the-Day 2,700 yen
Group Ticket: Advanced Sales 13,200 yen
Group Ticket: On-the-Day 14,400 yen
Continue Option:800 yen (per player to continue for 10 min)

【Weekend, Holiday & High Season Prices】
Individual Ticket: Advanced Sales 2,700 yen
Individual Ticket: On-the-Day 3,000 yen
Group Ticket: Advanced Sales 14,400 yen
Group Ticket: On-the-Day 16,200 yen
Continue Option:800 yen (per player to continue for 10 min)

*"High Season" includes Golden Week, the New Year holidays, summer vacation holidays, and any major holiday period. Please be sure to check the prices when purchasing a ticket.

* If advanced sales tickets are sold out, at-the-door tickets will not be made available.

What is a Group Ticket?
A Group Ticket allows you to have a private session for your group by buying out an entire session. You may join with 2-6 people.
If you do not want strangers joining your group, please purchase the Group Ticket.
Purchasing a Group Ticket is slightly cheaper than purchasing 6 individual tickets. Your group can be anywhere from 2 to 6 people.

Important points when purchasing the Group Ticket
-Discount coupons cannot be applied to Group Tickets.
-Sessions that have been booked by at least one other participant will not have Group Tickets available.
-All members of the group must be present when you check in on the day.
-Children aged 5 and below will not be counted as a participant.
-Children aged 12 and below will not be allowed to participate on their own.
-A guardian must join the group for children below 12 to participate.


Time limit:

30 minutes

Buying your tickets:
【Weekday Time Slots】

・English Time Slots

・Japanese Time Slots
1:00pm / 2:10pm / 3:20pm / 4:30pm / 6:40pm

【Weekends Time Slots】

・English Time Slots

・Japanese Time Slots
10:50am / 12:00pm / 1:10pm / 2:50pm / 4:00pm / 5:10pm / 6:50pm

If you wish to play in English at a different time slot, please check if there a time slot that work for you between the Japanese ones. I f you contact us with your desired time, we will do our best to arrange your English game during the Japanese time, but please understand that those are public times and that they might be already sold out. Kindly note that processing your request will take a few business days.

Advanced sales -

Online: SCRAP Booking


Each customer is only allowed to buy a maximum of 6 tickets per transaction. We seek your understanding should your desired session become sold out.



1 Chome-17-2 Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, Tōkyō-to 130-0001


Q: Do we have to buy 6 tickets to participate?
A: No, you do not. For example, if you buy 2 tickets, you may be joined by up to 4 others who have booked the same session, however you will never grouped with people that chose a different language to play.
Q: How long does it take?
A: The whole experience that includes briefing, the experience, and explaining the answers at the end will take about one hour in total.
Q: Can children enjoy this?
A: Children can certainly enjoy this experience if they can read and write at fourth grade level and higher.
Q: Can I join if I have visual or auditory impairments?
A: The experience will require you to read material and listen to sounds. You will not be able to participate if you are unable to do so.
Q: Can I come back and do the experience again?
A: If you have already experienced this event before, you must purchase a Group Ticket even if only 1 or 2 people are going to play.

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