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Escape from the Abandoned Laboratory (Remote Version)

Escape from the Abandoned Laboratory (Remote Version)

Left with no tears to cry

Online (ZOOM)

60 min.

1~7 people

120 min.

This heartwarming masterpiece
"Escape from the Abandoned Laboratory"
has been converted into English and is now available online!

Game Style
In light of the current COVID-19 situation, SCRAP is trying to adapt and bring our physical games & events online for everyone to enjoy, while keeping the physical aspect as much as we can!

What does that mean?
It means that from the comfort of your homes, you can still explore our actual game rooms through video and communicate with our actor staff on-site!

Escape from the Abandoned Laboratory (Remote Version)
In this game, players will take part by using a video conferencing app to communicate with the game staff in the actual room.

The game will be played in a group of max 7 players.
(ideal group size: 4~6 players)

In this remote game, players are researchers about to explore the long lost laboratory created by the ingenious Dr. Mad.
Your coworker on site suddenly gets trapped inside the laboratory with a lone android...
Players will need to communicate with the trapped coworker to help him escape from the laboratory by solving all the mysteries and puzzles left by Dr. Mad.
Can you help him escape in time?

*This game will be entirely in English.

*One (1) team can have a maximum of 7 players.
You can play this game with less than 7 players as well.
However, no matter how many players you have, you will need to purchase a group ticket at a fixed price.

(ideal group size is 4~6 players)

Event Period

7 August 2020 (Fri) Onwards


You've arrived at an abandoned laboratory.
The ingenious Dr. Mad experimented here daily
to discover all there is to be discovered.

His subordinate researchers learned of this lab from the notes he had left behind.
A lab unlisted on maps, long forgotten by humanity.
As you enter cautiously, you see a single android inside.

The moment you reach out, an alarm blares!
"Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert! The Lab is now in Lockdown."

The doors lock behind you, trapping you inside with the mysterious ciphers
and the lone android...
Will you be able to solve all the mysteries
and Escape from the Abandoned Laboratory?

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Ticket prices

■ Group Ticket (Allows up to 6 players to join)

7~10 August :
15,000 Japanese Yen (about 142 USD)
(If 7 players: ~2,140 yen / $20.29 per player)

14 August onwards:
20,000 Japanese Yen (about 190 USD)
(If 7 players: ~2,857 yen / $27.14 per player)

!! Social Media Post Discount !!
Applicable from 14 August onwards
25% off
Final Price: 15,000 Japanese Yen (about 159 USD)
(If 7 players: ~2,140 yen / $20.29 per player)

(1) Write about this game and share it as a post on your social media
(2) Make sure your post is public so we can check it
(3) You can purchase the tickets before making the post
(4) To get the discount, use the discount code "SOCIALMEDIA25" when purchasing the group ticket

*International credit cards are accepted

What is a Group Ticket?
*A Group Ticket allows any number between 1~7 players to join the game.
*The recommended group size for this game is 4~7 players.
*You can play the game a second time ONLY if all players are repeating players.

Click here to purchase tickets→ Ticket Page


1. Please purchase a group ticket of your desired date and time slot on the top right side of this page.

2. When purchasing a group ticket, you will be prompted to provide your email address.

3. After purchasing, you will receive an email with your game session details, and a unique ZOOM link.

4. When it is time for your game session, please click the ZOOM link in your email to access the game room.

5. The game has a time limit of 60 minutes. Including briefing and debriefing, the whole session is estimated to be 100 minutes long.

Please make sure you have the following ready before attending the game:
・Laptop, desktop, tablet, or modern smartphone connected to the internet
・ZOOM app
・QR Code Reader (to receive clues via scanning QR codes during the game)
DOWNLOAD ZOOM HERE: Desktop / iOS / Android


Not required but recommended:
・Facebook Messenger, Discord, WhatsApp, or any way of communication within your group via chat
・Headphones & Mic

Dates & Time Slots

7 August 2020 (Fri) Onwards

Time Slots:
Please check the following ticket pages for the time slots.
Time slots→ Ticket Page

This game is being run in JAPAN.
While you can still play from anywhere in the world, please note that the timings are all in JAPAN TIME.

Please make sure to check, check, and double check what DATE & TIME it is in your local area carefully!
(Your session may be on the PREVIOUS DAY when converted to your local time.)
1 May, 10:00 AM, Japan Time = 30 April, 6:00PM, (The Previous Day) Pacific Standard Time

Check your local time → Website

*"Doors" open 30 minutes before each time slot
*Please check the email you receive for details

Important Points

・We are unable to process refunds after a purchase has been made.
・"Doors" will open 30 minutes before the time stated on your ticket. Please check the email you receive for all details regarding how to join the game.
・You will need to be connected to the internet the entire duration of the game.
・We recommend using a desktop or laptop, instead of a smartphone, for a smoother experience.
・Due to the nature of the game, you may not be granted entry if you sign in late.
・This is an escape game where you work as a team in a group of no more than 6 players.




Q: How long does the game last?
A: You have a time limit of 60 minutes to clear the game. Including briefing and debriefing, we estimate the total time taken to be 120 minutes.

Q: Can children and non-English speakers play?
A: Children and non-English speakers can play if they can read and write English for upper elementary school level (Grade 4 upwards).

Q: How many times can we play this game?
A: The puzzle answers will be revealed at the end of the game, so we ask that you refrain from playing the game more than once.
However, if everyone in your group has played the game before, you can challenge the game a second time!

Q: Q. How many tickets must we buy if we have multiple players?
A: As long as you are a group of 7 or below, you can participate with one group ticket.

Q: Can I post spoilers onto my blog or social media?
A: Spoilers are strictly prohibited for this game. Please DO NOT post anything about the game or upload puzzle photos online.

Q: Can I participate with someone who lives with me?
A: Yes, you can! You can choose to both play through 1 device (you will be counted as 1 player), or you can use separate devices (you will be counted as 2 players).
If you choose the latter, make sure that you are both is separate rooms to avoid any audio feedback.

Q: Is the ZOOM app free to use?
A: Yes, you can join our game with a free version of the ZOOM app!

Q: Can I play without turning on my video/camera?
A: Yes, the game is still playable even if you turn your camera off, as long as your app and internet connection meet the requirements and are working smoothly.
We do, however, recommend turning your video for smoother communication with your friends far away.
It has proven much more challenging to solve the puzzles together with the video turned off.
(It's also much more fun to see each other while playing) It is up to you!