Brought to you by the pioneers of real-life escape games across the globe!!
Escape from the Stone Cave!
Aim to escape
by conducting
scientific experiments
and solving puzzles!

Escape from the Stone Cave!

Use the power of science to build fireworks from scratch and break out of the stone cave!


Real Escape Game Nagoya

40 min.

1~3 people

90 min.

Aim to escape by conducting scientific experiments and solving puzzles! The stage is set - and it's 3,700 years in the future!?

The puzzle-packed "Real Escape Game" and popular anime series "Dr. Stone" come together for this live interactive experience!
Dr. Stone takes place on earth 3,700 years into future. All of mankind has been turned to stone, and all traces of human civilization have been eroded by time...
Team up with the genius, Senku, and aim for success by conducting scientific experiments and solving puzzles!
In this unique, one-of-a-kind game, you'll partake in both puzzles and interactive scientific experiments.
Experience the power of science first hand through theorizing, creating, and experimenting!


Style of play:

This game can be played with 3 players per group.
Approximately 30 people can participate at the same time,
but the game must be challenged in groups.
*Groups may start the game at any time of their choice within their time slot.


Real Escape Game Nagoya

Event dates:

- Japanese Versions:
March 6 - May 28, 2023 (TOKYO MYSTERY CIRCUS)
June 2 - July 9, 2023 (Real Escape Game Nagoya)
- English Versions:
March 9 - May 28, 2023 (TOKYO MYSTERY CIRCUS)

June 2 - July 9, 2023 (Real Escape Game Nagoya)


Ticket prices:

【Weekday Prices】

Trio Ticket: - Challenge this game in a group of 3!
Advance Ticket: 2,600 yen/player(Total: 7,800 yen)
On-the-Day: 2,900 yen/player(Total: 8,700 yen)

Pair Ticket - Challenge this game as a pair!
Advance Ticket: 2,800/player(Total: 5,600 yen)
On-the-Day: 3,100 yen/player(Total: 6,200 yen)

Solo Ticket - Challenge this game alone
Advance Ticket: 3,800 yen
On-the-Day: 4,100 yen

Continue Option: 800 yen (per player to continue for 10 min)

【Weekend, Holiday & High Season Prices】

Trio Ticket: - Challenge this game in a group of 3!
Advance Ticket: 2,800 yen/player(Total: 8,400 yen)
On-the-Day: 3,100 yen/player(Total: 9,300 yen)

Pair Ticket - Challenge this game as a pair!
Advance Ticket: 3,000/player(Total: 6,000 yen)
On-the-Day: 3,300 yen/player(Total: 6,600 yen)

Solo Ticket - Challenge this game alone
Advance Ticket: 4,000 yen
On-the-Day: 4,300 yen

Continue Option: 800 yen (per player to continue for 10 min)

*"High Season" includes Golden Week, the New Year holidays, summer vacation holidays, and any major holiday period.
Please be sure to check the prices when purchasing a ticket.

*All tickets are automatically Time-Slot tickets. They cannot be used outside of the time-slot printed on the ticket.
*This type of ticket allows you to check in at the reception and start the game at any time within the time frame stated on your ticket. Players will be seen to in order upon arrival.

Event Time:

*Times may change depending on the day. Please check the ticket calendar for more information.
*Please check in within a 50 minute time frame of the time written on your ticket, either 10 minutes beforehand or 40 minutes afterwards.

Buying your tickets:

Advanced sales -

Online : SCRAP Bookings


On-the-day sales -

If advanced sales tickets are not sold out, they will be sold at the door. Please see here to check the availability of On-the-day tickets.

How To Purchase Tickets:

Due to the ticket booking system, English explanation is not available. We apologize for the inconvience.
Please refer to the following steps and make your purchase on the Japanese ticket page.
If tickets are available, you can also purchase tickets directly at the venue on the day of the event.

① Select your preferred date and time.
Choose your desired date and time, and click the orange button to proceed to the ticket selection.
*If the button is grayed out, the time-slot is sold out and there are no more remaining tickets.

d114b8497d86be5b17be0f531699041de794e0c0.jpg ② Select your ticket
Please choose the ticket type according to your group size.
For the ticket types, please refer to the official website for more details. (
"If you wish to play in English, please purchase the tickets with English titles.
・Trio Ticket (for group of 3)
・Pair Ticket (for group of 2)
・Solo Ticket (for playing alone)

③ Select your payment method
You can choose either credit card payment or convenience store payment (in Japan only).
④ Please agree to the following terms
- Reselling tickets for profit is strictly prohibited.
- If you arrive late and miss the designated entry time, you may not be able to participate.
- In such cases, we cannot offer rescheduling or refunds, so please make sure to arrive with ample time.
- Credit card payments will be processed immediately, while convenience store online payments must be made within 3 days of purchase.
- Electronic tickets will be delivered to you via email immediately after payment confirmation.
- Once tickets are purchased, we cannot accommodate rescheduling or refunds due to customer preferences.
- If you arrive late for the event time, you will not be able to participate as it may cause inconvenience to other participants. Refunds or rescheduling due to lateness cannot be provided either.

If you agree with above terms, please check the red-bordered box to confirm your agreement.
⑤ Input your payment information (for credit card payment)
Please enter the required information.
⑥ Purchase Completed
You can check your purchased ticket on your SCRAP Bookings account page. (Under "My Bookings" section).

What is SCRAP Bookings?
Please refer to the following link for more information:


Real Escape Game Nagoya

Yabachonakakoma Building, 4-1-71 Osu Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken 460-0011


Q. Is this the same game as the one that was run in 2020?
A. Yes, this game was run once during 2020 Spring and has been brought back again for more to enjoy. You may play it again if you have already experienced it back then. However, we ask that all your team members are aware that you have played this game before.

Q. Do I need to watch the "Dr. Stone" anime to enjoy this game?
A. It is not necessary for players to have any previous knowledge of Dr. Stone before playing the game. However, fans of the Dr. Stone universe may find this game and the references/backstory behind the game particularly enjoyable. Click here to watch episode 1 of the anime or read the manga!

Q. Do I need to have any previous knowledge of science to solve the puzzles?
A. No, you do not. You do not require any specific background knowledge to enjoy a Real Escape game, so rest assured!

Q. Will I be grouped with other players I don't know?
A. No, you will not be grouped with players you do not know. You can play the game with up to 2 other friends!

Q. Is there an age limit?
A. There is no age limit to play the game. However, the difficulty level is made for age 10 and above. Children of age 12 and under are not allowed to participate by themselves. An adult of age 18 and above must be in the group and accompany the children at all times.

Q. Is this a scary game?
A. There will be times you are in a narrow or dark space, or there will be loud noises. However, there are no horror elements.

Q. Can the game be played more than once?
A. Yes. It is possible as long as you inform your group in advance.

Q. Can I get tickets at the venue on the day?
A. If the session still has available slots, you can buy tickets on the spot to play. However, if the session is sold out online, tickets for that session will not be sold at the venue as well.

Q. Can I change the date or time on my ticket?
A. We are unable to make changes or process refunds after the purchase of tickets has been made. We are also unable to replace your lost or stolen tickets. We appreciate your cooperation.

Q. Are there cases where the event could be cancelled due to weather-related reasons such as typhoons?
A. Yes, the game may be cancelled if there is a typhoon or severe weather conditions. To get a refund for your ticket, please check the official website's News section at that time for the announcement. Please note that if the game is cancelled due to severe weather conditions, we are unable to take responsibility for your transportation fee to the venue.

Q. Will everyone be able to escape?
A. No, not everyone is guaranteed to escape. It is an honor for only the best puzzle-solvers!

Q. Can I use a coupon?
A. It is possible to use a coupon. Please see each coupon's individual information to check which games it can be used for.