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Escape from the Sunken Ship

Escape from the Sunken Ship

Only 10 minutes of oxygen left


NAZO BLDG. by SCRAP in Kichijoji

10 min.

1~2 people

20 min.

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A brand new type of Real Escape Game that lets you experience an entire game in just 10 minutes!

Search the sunken ship, open all the treasure chests, and find the final key to escape!

A bright-eyed treasure hunter, you attempt to hit it big by challenging the infamous sunken ship that has claimed the lives of all treasure seekers before you.

Your goal?
To open all the treasure chests in the ship and escape unharmed!


Style of play:

Maximum 2 players per team.
Up to 4 people can play at the same time during each session, but the game must be played in teams of 2.
The time limit is 10 minutes and no game explanation will be conducted after the game has ended.
(Total session will take about 20 minutes)


NAZO BLDG. by SCRAP in Kichijoji

Event dates:

- Japanese Version: 13 Nov 2019 onwards
- English Versions: 11 June 2020 onwards

Things to Note:

*Please come 10 minutes before your session starts.
*Due to the nature of the game, you may not be able to join the game if you arrive late.
*Each team will enter the room and challenge the game in groups of 2.
*For solo players, there may be a chance that you will play together another solo player.


Ticket prices:

Solo Ticket: 1,600 yen
*If you purchase just one Standard Ticket, you may be paired up with another solo player who bought an English Solo Ticket for the same time.
If you want to make sure that you will have the room to yourself, please purchase the 'Group Ticket'.

Group Ticket: 2,400 yen
*This ticket allows up to 2 players to join the game.
*You can also purchase this ticket if you want to play the game alone.

Retry Ticket: 1,000 yen/player

・The reception counter will start accepting players 10 minutes before the game.
・Please make sure to come to the reception counter 10 minutes before your game starts.
・Due to the nature of the game, you may not be granted entry if you arrive late.

What is Solo Play?
For those who are confident in their puzzle-solving and treasure searching skills, you can book the entire room for you to play alone. If you want to challenge the game by yourself and escape with just your own skills, please purchase the Group Ticket.
*If advanced sales tickets are sold out, on-the-day tickets will not be made available.

Buying your tickets:

On-the-day sales -

Tickets are currently only sold at the store!

Please see here to check the availability of On-the-day tickets.
*The website is only available in Japanese.


NAZO BLDG. by SCRAP in Kichijoji

1-9-7, Kichijoji-honcho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo, Japan 180-0004


Q: Can non-Japanese speakers play the game?
A: English versions are available for this game so non-Japanese speakers who can understand English are welcome to play the game as well!

Q: Can I buy tickets from overseas?
A: Yes, the ticketing sites allow you to purchase tickets using your credit card.

Q: Are there walk-in / on-the-day tickets?
A: Yes there are, but it will depend on the edition. For room type editions, you will be able to purchase tickets on the spot only if there are available slots for that timing. We cannot guarantee that you can join the slot of your preferred timing. For hall and stadium type editions, there will be on-the-day tickets as long as tickets are not listed as "sold out" on the ticketing page. To be safe, please try to buy advanced tickets online before coming for the games.

Q: How long is the game/event?
A: Each game session should take approximately 20 minutes from the time the game begins. Please set aside ample time when coming.

Q: Can I join the game if I arrive late?
A: Due to the nature of the game, you may not be allowed to join the game if you are late. Please make sure you come 10 minutes before your session starts.

Q: If we come together as a group, can we definitely play together?
A: The maximum number of players per team is 2. If you come in odd numbers, you will have to play as separate teams.

Q: Is this a scary game?
A: There will be no ghosts or sudden jump scares, and the game has no horror elements. However, the room may get dark or thrilling music may play during the game. It is possible that these might frighten young children a little.

Q: Is there an age limit to participate in this game/event?
A: There is no age limit to play this game. However, due to the level of puzzles, the recommended age is 10 and above.
We ask that all children age 5 and below are accompanied by 1 adult guardian per child. (*Please ensure that young children are supervised at all times and do not disturb other players.)

Q: Can children play the game on their own?
A: Due to the difficulty of the game and for the safety of the players, children of age 12 and below are not allowed to participate by themselves. An adult of age 20 and above must be in the group and accompany the child at all times. In addition, parents and/or guardians must ensure they adhere to the regulations of the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance Regarding the Healthy Development of Youths, and ensure young children return home by a suitable time.

Q: Is there fixed seating?
A: No, there is no fixed seating for this game. It is okay if you and your friend have different ticket numbers, you can still play together if you sign in together.

Q: Can the game be played more than once?
A: When the time limit of 10 minutes is up and the game ends, no answers are revealed at the end of the game. This means that you can challenge the game again if you do not succeed! Please remember to take a 'Retry Card' at the end of your game, and bring it the next time you decide to play the game again. Players who cleared the game are also eligible to purchase a 'Retry Ticket' and bring a first-time player along to play again. Please note that without showing the 'Retry Card' at the reception, you will be required to purchase a normal ticket.

Q: Are there cases where the event is cancelled?
A: Yes, the game may be cancelled if there is a typhoon or severe weather conditions. To get a refund for your ticket, please send us an inquiry here. Please note that if the game is cancelled due to severe weather conditions, we are unable to take responsibility for your transportation fee to the venue.

Q: Something came up. Can I get a refund?
A: We are unable to process refunds after the purchase of tickets has been made, or replace your lost or stolen tickets. In the case of severe weather conditions, please send us an inquiry here. We appreciate your cooperation.

Q: I accidentally bought tickets for the wrong day. Can I change it?
A: We are unable to make changes or process refunds after the purchase of tickets has been made.