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A Mystery at Magic Academy SHINJUKU(Online Live City Hunt Puzzle)

A Mystery at Magic Academy SHINJUKU(Online Live City Hunt Puzzle)

Navigate the streets of Kabukicho and find some puzzles along the way!

Online (ZOOM)

90 min.

1~4 people

120 min.

SCRAP presents the first ever Online Live City Puzzle Hunt!
Discover Japan like no other tour guide experience!

Decipher a mystery with some light puzzle solving while exploring Japan's largest entertainment and shopping district, Shinjuku's Kabukicho area.
A perfect chance to see this busy area of Tokyo from the comfort of your home.
While the area is known for its nightlife energy, this is the only virtual tour in which you can visit the famous Kabukicho area during the day.


・Experience an online tour with puzzles and mystery
・See an exclusive view of Kabukicho during the day
・Ask our guides questions about life in Japan
・Play a popular SCRAP puzzle hunt converted for virtual sightseeing in Shinjuku

*This game will be entirely in English.

*Recommended team size is 2~4 players
*Estimated total time is about 90~120 mins

Event Period

11 April 2021 (JST) Onwards

Tickets are now on sale!


There are puzzles hidden around Shinjuku! Search the streets, solve the puzzles, and obtain the Magic Academy's legendary spell!

Today is your first day of school at the Magic Academy!
Your heart is racing with excitement for the grand adventures that lie ahead.
But all the jubilation is stopped short when you and your fellow classmates make a horrible discovery -
the celebratory cake for your first day has vanished!
Where on earth could the cake have gone?



Ticket Price

■ Group Ticket (Allows up to 4 players to join)

!! Summer Special Discount !!
Summer Special Pricing for a limited time only!
66% off
Final Price: 10,000 Japanese Yen (about 90.3 USD)
(If 4 players: ~2,500 yen / $22.60 per player)

Normal pricing will be:
15,000 Japanese Yen (about 135.50 USD)
(If 4 players: ~3,750 yen / $33.90 per player)

* International credit cards are accepted

* All tickets are time-slot tickets, and cannot be used outside of the time stated.

What is a Group Ticket?
*A Group Ticket allows any number between 1~4 players to join the game.
*The recommended group size for this game is 2~4 players.
*You can play the game a second time ONLY if all players are repeating players.

Time Slots

Pacific Daylight Time
Friday & Saturdays - 6:00PM

Japan Time
Saturday & Sundays - 10:00 AM

*Slot timings may differ from above depending on the day

Purchase Ticket

※Purchase tickets through "SCRAP BOOKINGS"(free to register).


① Buy Tickets

Gather your team, decide on a time slot, and purchase your tickets at least 24 hours prior.

② Prepare Your Device

Use a device with internet connection that is able to access a web browser and ZOOM* at the same time. Computers and laptops are highly recommended.
*Please either download and update the ZOOM application or use the ZOOM browser.

③ Check the Game Information Email

At least 1 hour before your game begins, an email with important game information will be sent to the buyer. This includes your ZOOM access link. Make sure to check it and forward it to your teammates!

*Set your email so that you can receive emails from

④ Access the URL!

Visit the URL that was sent to you through email at least 10 minutes before the game begins.
*We strongly recommend that you access the link on a computer or laptop to enjoy the game to its fullest.


Online with the ZOOM application

-Recommended to use a computer or laptop.
-Microphones are required but camera is not necessary.

Important Points&FAQs

・For a better game experience, we recommend playing on a laptop or computer with several screens if available.
・Each game slot will have two teams (up to 4 players each) playing at the same time.
・If you would like to play together with a large group of 8, please buy both tickets for the same time slot and contact us.

・For past players of 'A Mystery at Magic Academy - Shinjuku', this game's story and puzzles are similar to this version.
・For past players of 'A Mystery at Magic Academy' in San Francisco, only this game's story is similar. The puzzles are different and this version of the game will still be enjoyable.