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[PAST] Escape from  the Haunted Manor
Horror Hide-and-Seek Ready or not, I’m coming for you

[PAST] Escape from the Haunted Manor

Haunted House meets Real Escape Game



30 min.

2~6 people

This game is the 1st vol. of the "Haunted Manor" series − A Japanese horror themed title, designed by a Japanese famous haunted house producer, Hirofumi Gomi.

Along that street is a house. A house rumored to be haunted.
"Once you enter, you'll never come out again," they say.
And to further heighten fears, are a series of missing-person cases along that very same street.

You're the investigator for this series of cases.
You have to sneak into the haunted house - the suspected kidnapper's hideout - while he's away to seek the truth behind these missing-person cases.

And as you're looking in the dark, searching for anything that might be a clue,
the door opens - someone's entered the house..!
"Are you ready?"

"Not yet," you find yourself whispering in reply to the hoarse voice.
He chuckles, unexpectedly. "I'm coming for you," he taunts.
And thus begins the game of horror hide-and-seek.

What secrets are hidden within this house?
Why do you have to play hide-and-seek?
How do you escape from the house safely?

You have to overcome the pressing fear and the looming deadline.
Will you be able to solve the riddles of the house to
"Escape from the Haunted Manor"?!

Style of play:

Indoor room, maximum of 6 people at a time. Everyone in the same session will play as one single team.


Real Escape Room ASAKUSA

Event dates:

- 10 November 2015 onwards
- Closing on February 26th, 2017!!

An epic collaboration between renowned haunted house producer Hirofumi Gomi and SCRAP.

Message from Hirofumi Gomi, renowned producer of haunted houses in Japan

I have always thought that Real Escape Game and Haunted Houses would make a great pair.

However, I also realized that people enjoy these two different types of entertainment in different ways.

For Real Escape Game, a world of mysteries manifests in the minds of the players. On the other hand, for Haunted Houses, a world of fear and terror
spreads out before your eyes. If we tend towards either, players will certainly sense a discomforting mismatch.

I think we've managed to overcome this challenge for this time's "Escape from the Haunted Manor".

Players will rely on their imagination and construct an alternate world that they can experience as the protagonist. There is no way anyone could find such a concept uninteresting.

For this time's collaboration, I feel that we have succeeded in opening a new door for both Real Escape Game and Haunted Houses and I am very thrilled by this.
Gomi Hirofumi (Producer of Haunted Houses)