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Escape from The RED ROOM
A classic among
escape rooms

Escape from The RED ROOM

This is the “real” Real Escape Game



30 min.

2~6 people

60 min.

You find yourself locked in a room. There are no puzzles or codes around you - only red walls, mysterious props and two locked doors.

You must rely on your own abilities to open these doors and escape.
The "real" Real Escape Game awaits you.


Style of play:

Indoor room, maximum of 6 people at a time. Everyone in the same session will play as one single team.

Game Information Overview for Escape from the RED ROOM


Real Escape Room ASAKUSA

Event dates:

- Japanese Version: 24 June 2015 onwards
- English Versions: 10 November 2015 onwards

This is a brand-new version of Real Escape Game that overcomes all language barriers. None of the puzzles in the game depend on knowledge of specific languages. Whether you escape depends on your quick-wittedness and instincts!

Things to Note:

- We are closed on certain dates. Please check those dates on the ticketing page.
- Registration for each session starts 10 minutes before the session.
- Entry into the game will not be allowed after the session starts.
- Please note that you may be shifted to other sessions or days if the session you've signed up for has too many or too few people.
- Please refrain from playing the game multiple times.


【Time Limit 30 Minutes* / Weekday Prices】
Individual Ticket: Advanced Sales 2,200 yen
Individual Ticket: On-the-Day 2,400 yen
Group Ticket: Advanced Sales 11,400 yen
Group Ticket: On-the-Day 12,600 yen
*With Continue Option (10 minutes extension) : 800 yen

【Time Limit 30 minutes* / Weekend, Holiday & High Season Prices】
Individual Ticket: Advanced Sales 2,400 yen
Individual Ticket: On-the-Day 2,700 yen
Group Ticket: Advanced Sales 12,600 yen
Group Ticket: On-the-Day 14,400 yen
*With Continue Option (10 minutes extension) : 800 yen

"High Season" includes Golden Week, the New Year holidays, summer vacation holidays, and any major holiday period. Please be sure to check the prices when purchasing a ticket.

This event's time limit is 30 minutes with an optional Continue Option (10 minutes extension).


What is a Group Ticket?
- A Group Ticket allows you to have a private session for your group by buying out an entire session. You may join with 2-6 people.
- If you do not want strangers joining your group, please purchase the Group Ticket.
- Purchasing a Group Ticket is slightly cheaper than purchasing 6 individual tickets. Your group can be anywhere from 2 to 6 people.

Important points when purchasing the Group Ticket
- Discount coupons cannot be applied to Group Tickets.
- Sessions that have been booked by at least one other participant will not have Group Tickets available.
- All members of the group must be present when you check in on the day.
- Children aged 5 and below will not be counted as a participant.
- Children aged 12 and below will not be allowed to participate on their own.
- A guardian must join the group for children below 12 to participate.

Time limit:

30 minutes with Continue Option

Buying your tickets:
Starting from June 1st, 2023
【Weekday Time Slots】
・English Time Slots

【Weekends Time Slots】
・English Time Slots

Starting from August 1st, 2023
【Weekday Time Slots】
・English Time Slots

【Weekends Time Slots】
・English Time Slots

*If you wish to play in English at a different time slot, please contact us with your desired date and time and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Kindly note that processing your request will take a few business days.

Advanced sales -

Online: SCRAP Bookings


Each customer is only allowed to buy a maximum of 6 tickets per transaction. We seek your understanding should your desired session become sold out.



1 Chome-17-2 Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, Tōkyō-to 130-0001


Q: Can non-Japanese speakers join this event?
A: Yes. This event is played without the use of a specific language. This event's game system supports Japanese, English, and Simplified Chinese.
Those who can understand English or Simplified Chinese are welcome to join!
Q: Do we have to buy 6 tickets to participate?
A: No, you do not. For example, if you buy 2 tickets, you may be joined by up to 4 others who have booked the same session.
If you wish to play privately or only for your group, please purchase a group ticket.
Q: What is the Continue Option?
A: The Continue Option is an optional 10 minute extension that can be selected when needed. The Continue Option is 800 yen per player.
Q: Why has the time limit been changed to 30 minutes?
A: The Continue Option was included in the previous versions of this event. However, it has now been separated. The game's time limit has been shortened to 30 minutes and the event's ticket price has been adjusted accordingly.
Q: Can I still play if I am alone?
A: Yes you can!
Q: Is there any minimum age?
A: Children aged 12 and below will not be allowed to participate on their own and must be accompanied by a guardian.
Q: Can I play this game multiple times?
A: Each person can only play once. Please refrain from playing the same game multiple times!

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