JUJUTSU KAISEN Online Puzzle Game Escape from the Cursed Spirit of the Abandoned School

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What is JUJUTSU KAISEN Online Puzzle Game “Escape from the Cursed Spirit of the Abandoned School”?
A puzzle game collaboration with the anime series “Jujutsu Kaisen” that you can play at home!

Receive a letter from Satoru Gojo, communicate with your favorite main characters, and use your very own cursed techniques. Experience an interactive gameplay where you are a student at Jujutsu High and progress through a storyline with your school mates!

Here, we’ll explain how to buy a game kit and play the game!

First, let’s buy a game kit
All you need to do is buy a game kit and you’ll have everything you need.
You can play this game alone or with friends.
Where to buy: Purchase game kit
※ Please buy one game kit per player
※ Make sure you read the Important Points beforehand!

Wait for your game kit to arrive
After you purchase it online, please wait for the game kit to get delivered to your home.
※ Shipping fees will apply
※ Delivery may be delayed depending on the shipping company’s circumstances

Start playing
Once you receive the game kit, you can start playing anytime!
First, start by reading the ‘Introduction Sheet’ and continue from there.
If it is your first time playing a puzzle game by us, don’t worry, we have useful hints prepared in case you need them.

Activate your cursed technique and exorcise the cursed spirit
Communicate with the main characters through your computer or smartphone, find the cursed spirit hiding in the abandoned school, cut and fold items in your game kit to activate your cursed techniques, and finally exorcise the cursed spirit!

End of game
Let’s take a photo to commemorate!
Let’s not ruin the fun for others by uploading “spoilers” of the mission details online!
However, you are more than welcome to post your thoughts and photos of yourselves online on social media!

Use the hashtag #jujutsuonlinepuzzlegame

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