What The Press Are Saying

SCRAP was able to design unique gameplay where the player truly felt like part of the story.
The voice acting by the original voice actors from the show added another level of immersion.
-Theresa W. from Room Escape Artist

Combined an intense story and a unique puzzle mechanic that kept us actively involved throughout the game.
-Cindi S. from Room Escape Artist

With Escape from the Cursed Spirit of the Abandoned School, SCRAP delivered an impressive amount of densely clever gameplay in a small package.
- Matthew S. from Room Escape Artist

Not only does it feel like a portable escape room but the engaging elements give an immersive feeling as we join
our favorite trio in solving a case that seems taken straight from the manga/anime series!
-Honey's Anime

We really enjoyed being able to interact with the characters, but even if you are not familiar with the show, this is still a great game to play!

For Saturday night entertainment, we loved this format! You can plug your device in onto a big screen, have a keyboard near you to type in your spells,
and keep the whole pack on your lap. It felt just like watching an animated film, but a film that we were a character in!
-The Escape Roomer

It's possible you've dreamed of going on just one cursed spirit investigation alongside Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushigoro, and best girl Nobara Kugisaki.
If so, SCRAP has exactly what you've been waiting for!
-Anime News Network
Reviews From Our Players
This is an online puzzle game where you purchase a game kit, work together with the anime series characters and aim to exorcise the cursed spirit.



You are a student of the Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School.

Your skill as a jujutsu sorcerer is the ability to use cursed techniques over long distances.
But in exchange for that power,
you are unable to leave your home - a student who has been registered in name only.

One day, news of ordinary people going missing one after another at an abandoned school reaches your high school.
Investigations confirm that it is the work of a cursed spirit.

You get a letter from your teacher, Satoru Gojo, who also happens to be the strongest jujutsu sorcerer in the world.

“It has been decided that the first-year students will be in charge of the abandoned school’s disappearance incidents.
Your help is absolutely vital to this case. 
We’re counting on you!”

You use the contact information you received from Gojo to get in touch with the other 3 first-year students at the location.
Cooperate with them to uncover the truth behind the case, and exorcise the cursed spirit at the abandoned school!


First-year student at Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School.
He is able to withstand Ryomen Sukuna’s deadly poison, making him the first person in a thousand years to be born with this unique physical constitution. He accepts his fate and vows to prevent unjustified deaths by fighting against curses.

First-year student at Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School.
Status: Grade 2 sorcerer
Enrolled as the genius grade 2 sorcerer, he is the only 1st-year student allowed on solo missions. Due to a past incident, he maintains a strong belief of protecting those important to him.

First-year student at Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School.
Status: Grade 3 sorcerer
A confident jujutsu sorcerer who moved to Tokyo from the countryside. Sick of living in an isolated and suffocating town, she decided to enroll in jujutsu High to leave the countryside, despite knowing the dangers that come with the profession.

Status: Special grade sorcerer
Teacher at Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School. Has a frivolous personality and does whatever he likes. While he enjoys toying around with others, he is acknowledged by others, and himself, as the strongest jujutsu sorcerer alive. He plans to foster a new generation of strong sorcerers and improve the future of the jujutsu world.

Suffering, Regret, Shame… Negative emotions of humans give birth to a terrible energy that can lead people to their deaths - Curses.
One day, the seal on a powerful ‘cursed object’ is broken, and high schooler Yuji Itadori finds himself thrown into a world of never-ending battles against curses.
Explore a new frontier in this ingenious dark fantasy series!

Cursed Spirit

Demons that possess cursed energy, born from consuming the negative emotions of humans.
They are ranked weakest to strongest from grade 4 to grade 1 and finally, special grade.

Cursed Energy

Raw energy that comes from negative emotions.
People who do not possess any cursed energy cannot exorcise or even see curses or spirits.
The ability to control cursed energy will allow the user to strengthen themselves or a tool and also use cursed techniques.

Jujutsu Sorcerer

A person who has cursed energy and exorcises curses. There are very few students at Jujutsu High as it is extremely rare to be born with this ability.
Jujutsu sorcerers are also ranked from grade 4 to grade 1 and special grade, just like cursed spirits. They are assigned missions to deal with cursed spirits of the same rank level as themselves.


Incarnated beings of a Jujutsu sorcerer’s cursed energy. Typically summoned through a cursed technique. Disappears when the Jujutsu sorcerer releases the technique.

Cursed Tool

Weapons infused with cursed energy. Regardless of who owns it, even a person without cursed energy can use a cursed tool to exorcise a cursed spirit.


Traces of cursed energy left behind at a scene. Residuals are left behind whenever a cursed technique is used.

Jujutsu High School

Abbreviated as Jujutsu High. To the public, it is seen as a religious private school. With a 4-year educational system, only 2 branches, Tokyo and Kyoto, exist.
Many Jujutsu sorcerers continue to use these two locations as their base even after graduation to provide services and support for missions.


A jet black barrier that hides whatever is inside from the outside world. Non-sorcerers cannot see it. Mostly used so that ordinary people will not witness the damage caused by a cursed spirit. Jujutsu sorcerers often describe the inside of the barrier as feeling like “night has fallen”.

How to Play

  • Buy a game kit

    Play it solo or with friends, choose however you want to enjoy it!

  • Access the game site on your computer or phone

    If you are playing with someone, you can share the same screen or access separately!

  • Enjoy conversations with the characters
    while trying to clear the game

    Use your techniques to help exorcise the cursed spirit in the abandoned school!


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  • December 28, 2021:

    Official website is released

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