Online Real Escape Game "Escape from the Lockdown: The Demon Fortress"



<Tickets Are Now On Sale!> Team up with the 9 heroes as the 'Puzzle Solving Hero'
and solve the mysteries of the Demon Fortress!
This is an online Real Escape Game that can be played with as many players as you want,
wherever you want, and whenever you want!


  • 2021.08.27

    Steam version is available now!

  • 2021.02.19

    Tickets on sale now!

  • 2021.02.19

    English official website released

  • 2020.11.26

    English version confirmed (Details announced at a later date)

  • 2020.11.26

    Japanese official website released



*These play images are from the previous series.

  • Team Size


    ※2~4 players recommended

  • Time Limit


    ※Estimated time 100~120 minutes

  • Computer or

    Can be played on either device

    ※Computer recommended

  • Play with your friends or family!

    Utilize Zoom, Discord, or other communication tools

    ※When playing with multiple players

  • Video

    ON or OFF is up to you

    ※When playing with multiple players

  • Microphone

    ON required

    ※When playing with multiple players

About the Game Event

This online Real Escape Game can be played as soon as you purchase your tickets. Upon purchase, a custom URL will be issued for each player. When you have solved all the puzzles using the information and videos on the website, you will have successfully completed the game.

What is Real Escape Game?

Real Escape Game is a real-life game event where you are physically "locked" in a themed room, and have to solve puzzles and codes to "escape". SCRAP has been creating immersive puzzle events since 2007, pioneering the new genre of Real World Adventure, which has become a driving force in the entertainment world. REGs are held in unique places such as schools, ruined hospitals, amusement parks, stadiums, and even whole city districts. The events have built enthusiasm and have attracted over 7.4 million players.

  • 「Real Escape Game」official site

On sale

Tickets Are Now On Sale!

※The game can be played at any time after purchasing.


<Web Version>
3,000 Japanese Yen (About 29 USD) per player

※Please purchase tickets for every player.
※If you have multiple players, one representative or each individual may purchase the tickets. If a representative purchases the tickets, please distribute the URL to your teammates.

Important Points About Tickets


Please make sure you can view the video on this page before you purchase your tickets.

Tickets Are Now On Sale! Purchase Tickets

※Purchase tickets through "SCRAP BOOKINGS".
※As soon as you complete your purchase, you will receive a link to access the game page.

Also available on Steam! The free Demo version is available! PURCHASE ON STEAM

※Purchase game through the Steam platform.


In the world you live in, humanity lives in fear of the demons.

9 heroes headed to the Demon Fortress in order to defeat the Demon King.
The heroes have not been heard from since.

The world will be swallowed by darkness if nothing is done.
One day, your 'Communication Crystal' rings.
In the crystal ball, you see... the heroes who were thought to be dead!

"Finally! It's connected! We've been confined in the Demon Fortress's prison! Please, can you save us? We've found this..."

What the weakened heroes revealed was a map of the prison along with a note with cryptic puzzles.

As the 'Puzzle Solving Hero' you start working right away!

Will you be able to solve all the puzzles within the Demon Fortress, save the heroes, and bring peace to the world?


  • Demon King / Voice Actor - Akio Otsuka
  • Leader Hero Stanley / Kohei Nishiyama
  • Witch Hocus / Aki Onogawa
  • Priest Healio / Ryo Morishita
  • Merchant Sellar / Hideaki Suzuki
  • Martial Artist Bruce / Hiroyuki Oda
  • Musician Claudette / Hitomi Ubukata
  • Beast Tamer Lingo / Akiko Kuriyama
  • Thief Fade / Naotaro Akiyama
  • Chef Rordan / Shinichiro Watanabe
  • King / Yusuke Noguchi
  • Puzzle Solving Hero / You



FAKE TYPE. is a Japanese duo by rapper TOPHAMHAT-KYO and track maker DYES IWASAKI.
Their music is Pop and Crazy based on the dance music. They produce music that is committed to a melodious and tricky sound.
Their song FAKE LAND (From their new album FAKE LAND releasing on Wednesday, February 17th) is used in the game's end credits and trailer.

Official Website


Play Style

  • Team Size

    Team Size

    ※2~4 players recommended

  • Time Limit

    Time Limit

    ※Estimated time 100~120 minutes

  • online game

    Computer or Smartphone
    Can be played on either device

    ※Computer recommended

How to play the Game

  • STEP1 Confirm the number of teammates you will have!

    This game can be played whenever you want with as many people as you want! Additional tickets can also be purchased on the day you decide to play.

  • STEP2 Purchase your tickets!

    Purchase a ticket for each player and receive the URL(s) to play!

    Purchase Tickets
  • STEP3 Prepare before the game!

    Get your pens and papers ready! If you have teammates, get your communication tool ready as well!

  • STEP4 Game start!

    Read the information on the website carefully, watch the videos, and solve the puzzles!

    ※If you play with multiple players, we recommend using earphones to prevent echoing.

  • STEP5 The final results...!?

    If you reach the ending, you beat the game!
    Share your thoughts on social media!

For those who are playing online Real Escape Games for the first time

If you're not confident in your puzzle solving skills, hints are available.
You can add players on the day of your game. If you decide to take a break, you can still play on another day as well. (※Your answers may need to be resubmitted.)

Tickets Are Now On Sale! <Web Version> Purchase Tickets



Age requirement
Recommended age for full enjoyment
Middle schoolers and older.
※If you can read and write at a 6th grade level, you can enjoy the game!
Those with any heart issues
◯ (There are scenes that may cause nervousness.)
Those who are visually impaired
Those with hand disabilities
※If you are able to use a computer and write words, you can enjoy the game!
Those who are audibly impaired

Some of the mysteries are solved through listening, so you may not get the full experience.
※Please contact us prior to purchasing your tickets.
Those with leg disabilities

You will solve puzzles through a computer, so there will be no need to move around.
Those who get motion sickness easily

There are no scenes with heavy shaking, so there is no need to worry!
Other limitations
If you have problems with the following, there is a chance you may not be able to enjoy the game.
・Looking at a computer screen for an extended period of time
・Watching scenes that may cause nervousness


About this Game Event
This game will be entirely in English. No Japanese knowledge is required.
You can join the event alone or with your friends. 2~3 players are recommended, but there are no player limits.
Due to the difficulty of the puzzles, this event is recommended for players in middle school or above.
You can play this game at any time. If you are playing with others, schedule a date and time and start together.
There is no time limit. Feel free to play at your own pace and take breaks when you need it.
Since this is an online event, the quality of the videos may vary depending on your internet connection. We can not make any guarantees regarding this.
Please be aware that we are unable to cover any internet service fees.
In order to allow everyone to enjoy this game, please do not post any answers, spoilers, videos, or anything of the sort online. The game and all parts of the game are meant for the player only. Please do not screen share or resell any part of the game. If any unauthorized usage is detected, an additional fee will be charged.
About the Tickets
The tickets can be utilized at any time during the event period.
Please be sure to purchase 1 ticket per player.

※Please be aware that if any unauthorized usage is detected, an additional fee may be charged.

If you are playing with multiple players, you can purchase the tickets individually or have a representative purchase the tickets. After the purchase is done, you will receive links for however many tickets you purchased.
After your purchase has been completed, please be aware that no refunds will be provided for reasons within your control such as issues with the device you are using.
Do NOT resell the tickets or links to the game for commercial purposes.
Necessary Equipment to Play
・In order to participate, you will need a computer, tablet, or a device with internet connection. In order to get the full experience, we recommend playing with a computer or tablet with a large screen. You can play with a smartphone as well, but if your screen is too small it may take away from the experience. This game is not compatible with flip phones.
Be sure to allow cookies before participating in the game.
There is a chance that certain features may not work if you play on Incognito Mode. Please avoid doing so.
We recommend having a pen and paper ready to assist you in your puzzle solving.
If you are participating with multiple players, be sure to communicate with each other through tools such as Zoom or Facebook Messenger Chat.
Earphones are recommended as you will be watching videos throughout the gameplay.
Please be sure that you are able to watch the movie on THIS PAGE prior to purchasing your tickets.


What kind of event is this?
The online Real Escape Game "Escape from the Lockdown: The Demon Fortress" is a brand new event created to play online whenever you want.
It is an online event that can be enjoyed alone or with your friends!
Where do I get the URL to participate?
After purchasing a ticket, you can find the URL on the My Bookings section on SCRAP BOOKINGS. If you cannot find the URL, please contact us here.

※Please allow 1~3 business days for a response.

Is there an age requirement?
There is no age requirement, but due to the difficulty level we recommend middle schoolers and older.
Can kids enjoy the game?
If they can read and write at an elementary school level and communicate in English, they can! Please keep in mind, though, that the recommended age is middle school and above.
How long is the game?
Including the introduction and solution walkthrough, it should take about 100 minutes to 120 minutes. There is no time limit, so if you plan on taking breaks be sure to have the time ready!
Can I play multiple times?
Once you complete the game, you will be unable to play the game again through the same URL. You can repurchase a ticket if you'd ilke to play again.

※The game will be the exact same.

Can I post spoilers on my Blog or Twitter?
In order to allow as many people as possible to enjoy this game, we ask that you do not post any puzzles, answers, or any part of the videos online and that you do not sell any information about the game.
Can lost tickets be replaced?
We will not replace any tickets that have been lost or stolen. No refunds will be issued for any personal reasons.
Can we play together in the same location?
That's no problem, but we ask that you purchase a ticket for each individual player. If you use multiple devices nearby, there is a possibility that you may hear feedback. Please be sure to separate yourselves so you cannot hear each other's voices.
Do you provide hints?
There is a hint page on the game site. A solution page will be provided after the game as well, so if you missed any puzzles you can check it out there!
Is the game scary?
This game is not a scary game.
While there are parts in the story that might get your heart pumping, there are no sudden pop up scares or anything of the sort.

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