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Escape from the Lockdown: The Strange Village

A new Real Escape Game Created with all of you in mind

About the Game

  • ①First ever Real Escape Game designed specifically for online!

  • ②Playable whenever you want,
    with no time limit!

    Play with no rush!

  • ③Focus alone or
    play with friends!

    You can play with as many people as you want!


A villager by day, and a monster that attacks people by night. A werewolf.
In order to minimize the damage, the village took many countermeasures.
Outing restrictions. Villagers surveilling each other. Village lockdown.

One night, the terrifying howl of a werewolf echoed throughout the village.
In the morning, a body covered in blood was discovered.

"Who is the werewolf?"

In order to protect the villagers,
everyone participated in remote meetings from home by utilizing a crystal with communication abilities.
You must listen to the villagers who argue and accuse each other.
Watch everything they do closely.
Discover the lie within their words.
Find the werewolf, and survive.

You only have a few days before the village is destroyed.
Will you be able to solve the mysteries and save the village?

Who is the werewolf in this village!?

How to play

  • ①Choose your teammates!

    You can play whenever you want with as many people as you want!

    ※Recommended team size is 2~3 players

  • ②Purchase your tickets!

    Each player will need to purchase 1 ticket. You can buy them individually or have a representative purchase them all!

  • ③Check the rules before you play!

    Get your pens and papers ready! If you have teammates, get your communication tool ready as well!

  • ④Game start!

    In this game, you will listen to the villagers' conversations and search for the werewolf! Become a villager and discover the werewolf!

    ※If you play with multiple players, we recommend using earphones to prevent echoing.

  • ⑤Solve puzzles freely!

    No time limit! Take breaks and solve puzzles slowly, or maybe do a 2 hour time attack! Enjoy the game however you want!

    ※Hints will be provided if needed

  • ⑥The final results...!?

    If you reach the ending, you beat the game!
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Event Information

Event Period

14 October 2020 (PDT) onwards

Play Style

  • Team Size

    ※2~3 players recommended

  • Time Limit

    ※Estimated time 120~180 minutes

  • Style

Ticket Price

2,800 Japanese Yen (About 27 USD) per ticket

※Playable anytime during the event period.
※The ticket price is displayed in Japanese Yen, but you can purchase it from anywhere in the world
and your card will be charged in your local currency after exchange rate is applied.

Purchase Tickets

Please make sure you can view the video on this page before you purchase your tickets.

Purchase Tickets

※Purchase tickets through "SCRAP BOOKINGS".
※As soon as you complete your purchase, you will receive a link to access the game page.

About the event

We needed to create a game that surpasses any other Real Escape Game.
Initially, we were going to create an event for when the lockdown settled down, yet a week later this project became one of our biggest games to date. It changed the direction that Real Escape Games were headed.

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The main director Yamamoto's outcry was heard, "The game as it is won't become a legend. Let's take 2 hours and come up with a legendary idea."
I don't recall if the idea came to us within those 2 hours... I think it came to us during an online call we had that night. We knew that if we followed this road, the game can become legendary.
Speaking to the villagers through a video call.
Who is the werewolf.
A village in lockdown, villagers stating their frustrations through video calls, and hunting for the werewolf.
The players would study the villagers closely while solving puzzles left in the past.
We felt a connection.
This is a game that was created because of the current situation.
A game that needed to be created.
Something that can reignite the flames in everyone's heart like the event we discovered 13 years ago.
While we were stuck in our homes in the spring of 2020, we spoke passionately every night about this game.
Every time anyone said they came up with a new idea, our engines were roaring.
We were in the middle of a blue ocean with no island in sight.
What was born as a result was a new style of Real Escape Game, online.
We wanted to bring you a new event as soon as possible, and this was our answer.

SCRAP CEO Takao Kato

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Important Points

Important Points

About the Tickets

・The tickets can be utilized at any time during the event period.

・Please be sure to purchase 1 ticket per player.
※Please be aware that if any unauthorized usage is detected, an additional fee may be charged.

・If you are playing with multiple players, you can purchase the tickets individually or have a representative purchase the tickets. After the purchase is done, you will receive links for however many tickets you purchased.

・After your purchase has been completed, please be aware that no refunds will be provided for reasons within your control such as issues with the device you are using.

・Do NOT resell the tickets or links to the game for commercial purposes.

Event Explanation

・You can join the event alone or with your friends. 2~3 players are recommended, but there are no limits.

・Due to the difficulty of the puzzles, this event is recommended for players in middle school or above.

・You can play this game at any time. If you are playing with others, be sure to schedule a date and time.

・There is no time limit. Feel free to play at your own pace and take breaks when you need it.

・Since this is an online event, the quality of the videos may vary depending on your internet connection. We can not make any guarantees regarding this.

・Please be aware that we are unable to cover any internet service fees.

・In order to allow everyone to enjoy this game, please do not post any answers, spoilers, videos, or anything of the sort online. The game and all parts of the game are meant for the player only. Please do not share or resell any part of the game.

Necessary Equipment to Play

・In order to participate, you will need a computer, tablet, or a device with internet connection. In order to get the full experience, we recommend playing with a computer or tablet with a large screen. You can play with a smartphone as well, but if your screen is too small it may take away from the experience. This game is not compatible with flip phones.

・Be sure to allow cookies before participating in the game.

・There is a chance that certain features may not work if you play on Incognito Mode. Please avoid doing so.

・If you are participating with multiple players, be sure to communicate with each other through tools such as Zoom or Facebook Messenger Chat.

・Earphones are recommended as you will be watching videos throughout the gameplay.

Check this page to ensure that you can view the videos prior to your ticket purchase.


What kind of event is this?
The Online Real Escape Game "Escape from the Lockdown: The Strange Village" is a brand new Real Escape Game that was designed to be played anytime you want.
Even if you're physically alone, this unique internet experience allows you to enjoy this game event together.
When can I play this game?
During the event period, you can play this game at any time! If you are playing with multiple players, be sure to choose a time together.
Is there an age requirement?
There is no age requirement, but due to the difficulty level we recommend middle schoolers and older.
Can kids and non-English speakers play this game?
If you can read and understand English at an elementary school level and you can communicate in English you can play this game! We do recommend middle schoolers and older, though.
How long is the game?
Including the introduction and solution walkthrough, it should take about 120 minutes to 180 minutes. There is no time limit, so if you plan on taking breaks be sure to have the time ready!
Can I play multiple times?
You can only play the game once with each URL.
As the game will remain the same, we ask that you only play the game once.
Please support us in our effort to have everyone possible enjoy this game.
Can I post spoilers on my Blog or Twitter?
In order to allow as many people as possible to enjoy this game, we ask that you do not post any puzzles, answers, or any part of the videos online and that you do not sell any information about the game.
Can lost tickets be replaced?
We will not replace any tickets that have been lost or stolen. No refunds will be issued for any personal reasons.
Can two people play from the same location?
Yes, but be sure to purchase tickets for every player. To avoid howling and echoes, we recommend playing in separate rooms where you can't hear each other.
※Please be aware that if any unauthorized usage is detected, an additional fee may be charged.
Do you provide hints?
There is a hint page on the game site. A solution page will be provided after the game as well, so if you missed any puzzles you can check it out there!
How do I get the URL to play the game?
After you purchase the tickets, you can find the URL on the "My Bookings" page. If you are unable to find the link, please contact us here.
※We may take about 1~3 business days to respond.
Is the game scary?
This game is not a scary game.
While there are parts in the story that might get your heart pumping, there are no sudden pop up scares or anything of the sort.


Age requirement
Recommended age for full enjoyment
Middle schoolers and older.
※If you can read and write at a 6th grade level, you can enjoy the game!
Those with any heart issues
〇 (There are scenes that may cause nervousness)
Those who are visually impaired
Those with hand disabilities
※If you are able to use a computer and write words, you can enjoy the game!
Those who are audibly impaired
△ Some of the mysteries are solved through listening, so you may not get the full experience.
※Please contact us prior to purchasing your tickets.
Those with leg disabilities
◯You will solve puzzles through a computer, so there will be no need to move around.
Those who get motion sickness easily
◯There are no scenes with heavy shaking, so there is no need to worry!
Other limitations
If you have problems with the following, there is a chance you may not be able to enjoy the game.
・Looking at a computer screen for an extended period of time
・Watching scenes that may cause nervousness
What is Real Escape Game?

This is an online game/event experience in which you may communicate with your friends remotely to solve puzzles and escape.