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Asakusa City Puzzle Hunt is now available in English!

Asakusa City Puzzle Hunt is now available in English!
Peek through your camera lens, and discover
the hidden charms of Asakusa!
"Asakusa Puzzle Adventure"
will be available starting May 10, 2024!

Event Website:

SCRAP Co., Ltd, creators of the popular live-entertainment experience, Real Escape Game, is releasing the English version of their latest city puzzle hunt event, "Asakusa Puzzle Adventure" on May 10, 2024.
The Japanese version, launched on March 14, 2024, received overwhelmingly positive response. Coupled with multiple requests for an English version, the team worked on localizing the event completely into English so that English-speakers can enjoy the experience too!
This event will feature a gameplay experience where participants have to walk around the streets of Asakusa to solve puzzles while enjoying the sights, trends, culture, and even hidden gems of the famed neighborhood.

The English version was made such that participants can enjoy even if they have zero knowledge of the Japanese language, culture, or area. The event material will properly introduce Japanese terms and teach you about the cultural points found in Asakusa.
All you will need is the event game kit and a smartphone (or device) with a camera feature for taking photos to progress through the entire adventure.

The highlight of this event is "photography"--a concept that is fairly new in this genre of events by SCRAP. The game will require players to send photos of certain spots to receive the next set of instructions.
This way, participants get to engage in taking photos that will serve as precious memories even after the event has concluded. That's entertainment and sightseeing all in one!

The puzzles will also take participants down alleys and shops they may otherwise overlook in this busy and bustling part of town. Asakusa has more to offer beyond what meets the eye, and this journey will guide participants to dive deeper and explore Asakusa further.

Want to discover spots only locals go to? Learn more about Japanese culture through real-life experiences? Get niche information on restaurants frequented by residents? Learn about and create your own Japanese poems?
This event covers all of the above!
"Asakusa Puzzle Adventure" will be available in English starting from May 10, 2024.
Participants can purchase and pick up their game kits at the designated pick-up locations from 3 pm on May 10th, and from 10 am daily May 11th onward.

Peek through your camera lens and discover the hidden charms of Asakusa through this urban adventure!
We hope you'll join us.

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"Asakusa Puzzle Adventure" Event Details

■Event Website

Asakusa--One of Japan's most popular tourist spots.

With so many sights to see, it's impossible to decide where to go!
For this very reason, we've expertly created a puzzle-packed Asakusa tour.

"Photography" will be your key to success.
From historical structures, to narrow alleyways, to comforting, retro cafes,solve puzzles as you photograph the various sides of Asakusa's cityscape.

Solve every puzzle and you'll find yourself an Asakusa-expert.
Come spend a special day, and capture every moment of your adventure.

■Event Style
Time Limit: None
Player Limit: None
Duration: 3-4 hours
What to bring: Smartphone
*You will need internet access, a browser for the game's web chat, and a camera feature.

■Event Period
May 10, 2024 onward
Game Kit Purchase/Pick-up Timings (daily):
May 10: From 3pm
May 11 onward: From 10am