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"Sadako and the Cursed Video" will end on March 31, 2024!

The immersive horror experience-Real Escape Game X Haunted House "Sadako and the Cursed Video"-will close its doors on March 31, 2024 (Sun).

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The biggest highlight of this experience is the realistic feeling of Sadako coming for you. Sadako appears multiple times in front of players as they progress through the narrative, creating an impending sense of fear. Heart pounding as you brace for her unpredictable jump scares while solving the mysteries of this story, you'll be able to enjoy the same thrill as a horror movie protagonist!

Don't miss the chance to join this horrifyingly realistic experience before it ends.

Only at Tokyo Mystery Circus.

Real Escape Game X Haunted House "Sadako and the Cursed Video" Event Details

■Official Event Website

■Event Period
Until March 31, 2024 (Sunday)

The English version of "Sadako and the Cursed Video" will not be available during the following periods due to a special rendition of the event that is only available in Japanese. You can purchase tickets for the English version outside of these dates.

February 19 (Mon) - February 29 (Thu), 2024
March 11 (Mon) - March 17 (Sun), 2024

Tokyo Mystery Circus, 3rd Floor