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Tokyo Metro - The Underground Mysteries' 2021 Event Cancelled

Since 2014, the city-wide puzzle event 'The Underground Mysteries' has been held every year.
However, due to the impact of Covid-19 and to prevent the spread of infection, all involved parties have agreed to halt this year's event following its cancellation last year as well.
We are terribly sorry to those who have been hoping for this year's event to happen.

The theme of The Underground Mysteries has always been "A Journey".
Going on a journey allows you to encounter different perspectives, and gives you the power to break out of your fixed routines.
Maybe you took an unplanned outing the other day, came across a cute pen and decided to buy it.
Then you wanted something to use it on, so you bought a notebook to pen down your thoughts.
Just like that, your everyday life changed ever so subtly.
Nowadays, simple moments like these feel precious.
We are all facing situations where it's hard to step out and do stuff for a change of pace.

At the end of these challenges we are all facing now, we hope to welcome you with the best journey and puzzles yet.
A journey where you can release all your pent up feelings and energy.
Until then, we hope you sit tight, and stay safe and healthy.