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【TOKYO MYSTERY CIRCUS】Receive a limited-time event coupon!

Here are two ways you can receive a limited-time 300 yen coupon to use towards our English and Chinese games at TOKYO MYSTERY CIRCUS!

■ TMC Survey Campaign
After visiting TOKYO MYSTERY CIRCUS, fill out a quick and easy online survey to receive the coupon.

■ Kabukicho Flyer
If you find or are handed a TMC flyer in Kabukicho, bring it in and present it with your event ticket.

The coupons are valid to use on the following English events:
・Escape from the Witch's House in the Woods
・The Magical Cauldron: The Culinary Academy's Final Exam
・An Invitation from the Mystery Man
・Escape from the Runaway Train
・A Mystery at Magic Academy SHINJUKU
・Escape from The Prison

Check the link below for more details on each event.

*Coupons cannot stack with other coupons. Please see the Important Points on the flyer for more details.