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A Mystery at Magic Academy OSAKA

A Mystery at Magic Academy OSAKA

You are a magic wielding wizard! Obtain the legendary spell and save your friends!



No Time Limit

1~ people

90~120 min.

There are puzzles hidden around Osaka! Search the streets, solve the puzzles, and obtain the Magic Academy's legendary spell!

Today is your first day of school at the Magic Academy!
Your heart is racing with excitement for the grand adventures that lie ahead.
But all the jubilation is stopped short when you and your fellow classmates make a horrible discovery - the celebratory cake for your first day has vanished!
Where on earth could the cake have gone?

What kind of game is this?

This game is a field-type game where you search the streets while using your game kit. There is no time limit or limit to the number of players. You can play at your own pace.

How do I play this?

1. Buy the game kit from Real Escape Room OSAKA 1F ticket counter.
2. Solve the puzzles in the game kit, and got to the next location.
3. Follow the other hints and codes, look around the street of Osaka and solve all the mysteries.
4. Find the final answer to clear the game!

How do I buy a game kit?

You can grab your game kit from Real Escape Room OSAKA 1F ticket counter.
The game kit costs 1,200yen, inclusive of tax.


Real Escape Room OSAKA

1F Ticket Counter

5 Chome-13-5 Nipponbashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi Japan 556-0005


Q) Is there a time limit?
A) There is no time limit for this game. It may take awhile to completely clear the game, so please give ample time to play this game. Although the game should not take more than a day to finish, if you run out of time personally, you can continue from where you stopped on another day.

Q) We want to play in a group. Do we need to buy a game kit for every player?
A) You can play in a group, but please purchase a game kit for each player to enjoy the game better.

Q) Can I reveal the puzzles on my blog or on Twitter?
A) Spoilers are prohibited for this game. Do not upload answers or photos of the puzzles to your blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other digital platform. Please also be careful when you discuss the answers to the game after it has ended. There will be many players in the same floor or facility who have not tried the game yet!

Q) I lost my game kit halfway through the game. Can I receive a new one?
A) Sorry, but we are unable to replace your lost game kit. Please purchase a new one to continue playing the game.

Q )Can we get hints?
A) A "hints sheet" is available, so please use it if you are stuck on a puzzle. More details on the hints sheet can be found in your game kit.

Q) Can I play the game at the home?
A) You need to walk around the streets of Osaka to play this game.