Brought to you by the pioneers of real-life escape games across the globe!!
Snoopy and the <br>Secret Recipe

Snoopy and the
Secret Recipe

2nd Edition of the 'SCRAP×SNOOPY Puzzle Game Project'!
Help Snoopy complete his 'Special Dessert'!



No Limit

1~ people

60~90 min.

For the first time in Japan, Real Escape Game pioneers SCRAP and everyone's favorite beagle, the "world famous" Snoopy, will come together for a puzzle-packed collaboration!

Tokyo Mystery Circus, home to "the most puzzles in the world", will become the stage for the "SCRAP×SNOOPY Puzzle Game Project".
The 2nd Edition starts 11 June, 2020!

The 1st edition is now on going and more information about the 3rd Edition will be announced shortly.

What is this game about?

During this live interactive event, you will explore Tokyo Mystery Circus in real-time and progress through the storyline as you solve a variety of puzzles.

The game will start as soon as you have exchanged your ticket for an envelope (containing this event's game kit) at the Reception Counter.
Use either LINE or Facebook Messenger to communicate with Snoopy and work together to solve a plethora of puzzles as you explore Tokyo Mystery Circus for clues!

There is no time limit or maximum number of players.
If you find yourself stuck, you can check out this game's official LINE or Facebook account for hints. This game can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless if you are just a beginner or a puzzle-solving pro!


Help Snoopy complete his 'Special Dessert'!

Snoopy just remembered that he sent out invitations to his brothers and sister for their birthday party - happening that very day! Can you save Snoopy's day by helping him complete his 'Special Dessert'?

Style of play:

① Exchange your tickets for a game kit (envelope) at the ticket counter on the 1st floor.
② Solve the puzzles that are in the game kit's envelope.
There may be times where you have to search around the Tokyo Mystery Circus building, and cooperate with other people to solve some puzzles.
③ Upon finding an answer and opening the mysterious mail boxes, another story will be waiting for you.
④ You will clear the game if you can reach the final answer.
*The staff in Tokyo Mystery Circus do not have puzzles or hints on them.



Event dates:

English Version: 11 June 2020 onwards

Things to Note:

*Please reach the venue within the time of the session you bought tickets for. (1 hour frame)
*Please note that after a ticket is bought, we are unable to change or refund it if it is due to the customer's personal circumstances.


Ticket prices:


Time limit:

There is no time limit for this game.

Buying your tickets:

On-the-day sales -

Tickets are currently only sold at the store!
Please see here to check the availability of On-the-day tickets.



APM Building , 1-27-5, Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan 160-0021


Q) Is there a time limit?
A) There is no time limit for this game. It may take awhile to completely clear the game, so please give ample time to play this game. Although the game should not take more than a day to finish, if you run out of time personally, you can continue from where you stopped on another day.

Q) We want to play in a group. Do we need to buy a game kit for every player?
A) You'll enjoy the game better by purchasing a game kit for everyone!

Q) Can I reveal the puzzles on my blog or on Twitter?
A) Spoilers are prohibited for this game. Do not upload answers or photos of the puzzles to your blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other digital platform. Please also be careful when you discuss the answers to the game after it has ended. There will be many players in the same floor or facility who have not tried the game yet!

Q) I lost my game kit halfway through the game. Can I receive a new one?
A) Sorry, but we are unable to replace your lost game kit. Please purchase a new one to continue playing the game.

Q) Can we get hints?
A) A "hints page" is available, so please use it if you are stuck on a puzzle. More details on the hints page can be found in your game kit.

Q) Can children or non-Japanese play?
A) If the child can read and write, they can play. This game is available in both Japanese and English, so non-Japanese can choose to play the English version!