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SCRAP's Concierge Plan

SCRAP's Concierge Plan


Beyond the Mystery: the Ultimate Way to Experience SCRAP

Have you ever wondered what secrets hide within Japan's biggest Escape Game building?
Are you an Escape Room Enthusiast and your goal is to conquer all the escape rooms in the world?
Want to join a SCRAP event featuring the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, JoJo's Bizarre Adventures, Attack on Titan, and more?
Do you want to focus your energy on puzzles only and not waste time figuring out how to book things?

Well, we have you covered!
SCRAP's "Concierge Plan" is tailored to the needs of those who don't want to settle for a regular game experience.

Who is SCRAP?

The original Real Escape Game creators and the number 1 immersive and interactive events company in Japan!
In 2007 Japan, SCRAP invented the world's first live action game called, REAL ESCAPE GAME™ (REG). REGs have been held in Japan and other countries in unique places such as schools, ruined hospitals, amusement parks, stadiums, and churches-and the events have built a devoted fanbase all over the world.
SCRAP creates the most popular immersive interactive events in Japan and if you love escape rooms you can't miss the opportunity to try the original Escape Game experience!

What to Expect?

We will make sure you will get the best out of your day! Our English-speaking staff will personally assist you from the moment you send the inquiry to the day of your visit.
Our services include booking the event(s), guiding you on your visiting date, assistance during the Japanese events, and more.

Dive deep inside the history of this crazy industry, get insider tips for the games you are about to play, and discover hidden secrets inside and outside the venue.
Language barrier won't be an issue, as you'll receive full assistance with a private guide to experience the Japanese games.
You can enjoy your visit stress-free, except for when the game's time limit is approaching fast!

And this service doesn't stop there!
You can also choose to bring the excitement outside and follow our staff into the streets of Tokyo on a personalized private sightseeing tour!
Perfect for families or groups of friends, you can ask our staff everything you have always wanted to know about Tokyo and discover locations that can surprise even expert visitors!

Discover the plans here:

Concierge Plan
・Pick-up service from your accommodation in Tokyo if you are staying close enough to our venue. The staff will walk with you to the event location.
・Pick-up from the station closest to the event venue. The staff will walk with you to the event location.
・Personalized English assistance from the moment you send the inquiry to us until the day of your visit.
・Assistance when booking any SCRAP content and personalized recommendations tailored to your needs.
・Learn behind-the-scenes, fun facts about your game, and exclusive insider tips!
・ (For events in Shinjuku) Guided tour inside Tokyo Mystery Circus - Japan's largest Escape Game building.
・Possibility to join any of the SCRAP events in Tokyo in Japanese with a private experienced assistant from SCRAP, that will facilitate your experience. Play without any barriers!
Click here to check out the available experiences!

Price: 50,000 yen/group*
Limited time discount available: 40,000 yen/group* to celebrate the launch!

*The Concierge Plan price does not include the Game Ticket price.
This plan includes the concierge assistance only.
The Game Ticket price is the same price that can be found on each events' official website.

PREMIUM Concierge Plan (Assistance with non-SCRAP related activities)
・Access to all the services included in the Concierge Plan.
・City sightseeing private tour with a local guide (Shinjuku / Asakusa *). You will get to visit the most famous landmarks and discover some hidden gems and unknown facts about Tokyo. You can even ask for shopping and restaurant recommendations and move around like a true local!
・Possibility of requesting assistance with reservations for experiences or facilities other than SCRAP's in Japan.
・Possibility of requesting your guide to dine with you (*) and get to know more about Japanese food and what it is like to live in Japan.
・...And more! We are open to your requests and we'll try our best to accommodate them!

Price: depends on your request. Contact us to learn more!

*These areas depend on each event's location.
*Meals are not included in the Plan fee.

You didn't find what you were looking for?
Let us know how we can help you from the link below!
We will try our best to accommodate your requests.
(For example: "We want to join this event but we don't have the minimum number of players" etc.)
We can offer the best solution for you!

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