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Escape from The Runaway Train

Escape from The Runaway Train

From the creators behind
"Escape from The NINE ROOMS" series


Tokyo Mystery Circus

50 min.

1~4 people

60~120 min.

The world-famous number 9 train "Mystery Express",
is a 9-car long luxury locomotive designed by none other than a genius puzzlemaker,
whose penchant for the number 9 led to the affectionate nickname of "9 Train".
Crafted with the concept of a "wacky and whimsical adventure" in mind,
each compartment is packed with a plethora of puzzles.

You have been invited to a private viewing to commemorate the completion of this luxury liner. You step aboard Car No. 9 when suddenly a shrill alarm sounds. But wait!
Why is the train starting to move? You didn't hear anything about this!
As the train rapidly picks up speed, you realize that at this rate it's going to
crash straight into the city of the terminal station in about 50 minutes!

If, by some miracle, you can reach Car No. 1 and pull the Emergency Break, it's possible to stop the train.
But, in order to reach that final car, you need to solve all of the puzzles in all 9 of the cars on this loopy locomotive!

9 rooms, 1 way out - can you conquer them all and stop the "9 Train"?


Style of play:

Indoor room, maximum of 4 people at a time.


Tokyo Mystery Circus 5F


Ticket prices(tax incl.):

■ 4-players Ticket (Only 4 players in one session)

Advance Ticket: 12,000yen (3,000yen/person)
On-the-day Ticket: 13,600yen (3,400yen/person)

■ 3-players Ticket (Only 3 players in one session)

Advance Ticket: 9,600yen (3,200yen/person)
On-the-day Ticket: 10,800yen (3,600yen/person)

■ 2-players Ticket (Only 2 players in one session)

Advance Ticket: 6,800yen (3,400yen/person)
On-the-day Ticket: 7,600yen (3,800yen/person)

■ 1-player Ticket (Only 1 player in one session)

Advance Ticket: 4,500yen (1 person)
On-the-day Ticket: 4,900yen (1 person)

■ Continue Option (available in-game)

1000yen/player lets you extend for 10min (only cash accepted)

【What is a Retry Ticket?】

*Players who clear the first 8 rooms but fail the final room will receive a "Retry" Card. The card will allow you to buy a special ticket to challenge only the final room again at a cheaper price.

*1000yen/player for 10min (only cash accepted on the day)
*This special ticket will not allow you to play the first 8 rooms again.
*The special ticket does not allow you the in-game "Continue Option".
The Final Car's "Retry Ticket" can only be purchased on the day in cash. There will be no advance tickets.
*Retry Tickets can only be purchased by players with a "Retry" Card.
*This type of ticket allows you to sign in and start the game at any time within the time frame stated on your ticket. Please make sure to sign in within your time slot. The ticket cannot be used on any other date.
*Children age 7 and above will require a ticket.
Children of age 15 and below are not allowed to participate by themselves. An adult of age 20 and above must be in the group.
*Pre-school children can be brought into the game by a guardian, and do not require a ticket.
*If the session is sold out online, tickets for that session will not be sold at the venue as well.

Important Points:

*"Escape from The NINE ROOMS - Escape from The Runaway Train" is a game event that can be played by 1~4 players. You will not be grouped with other players, so you can enjoy the game with your own circle of friends or by yourself.
*You will require a ticket to participate in this game. Please buy the correct ticket(s) for your group size.
 -Children age 7 and above will require a ticket.
*Children of age 15 and below are not allowed to participate by themselves. An adult of age 20 and above must be in the group and accompany the children at all times.
*We are unable to process refunds after the purchase of tickets has been made.
*Reselling of tickets is prohibited under any circumstances.
*Ticket sales will be stopped if the the session is full.
*If the session is sold out online, tickets for that session will not be sold at the venue as well.
*"The Final Room's Retry Ticket" can only be purchased on the day in cash.



APM Building , 1-27-5, Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan 160-0021


Age Guidelines
-Due to the level of puzzles, the recommended age is 15 and above.
-Children below age 15 are still allowed to play, but it may be slightly challenging for them.

About the Participation of Pre-school Children
-Pre-school children can be brought into the game by a guardian who is age 20 and above, and do not require a ticket.
For guardians, please make sure that the children are taken back to their homes by their appointed curfew.

Game Length
-The game has a time limit of 50 minutes.
-This game event consists of a series of small rooms you have to escape from. You may have to wait to enter the next room if the group in front of you is still occupying it. In this case, your remaining time will stop counting down.
-The time taken to complete the game will vary with players.
-The total estimated time spent at the venue is 60-120 minutes. Please set aside ample time when coming.

Continue Option
-You can extend your game play by 10 minutes if you pay an extra 1000yen/player.
-There is no rule to how many times you are allowed to use the Continue Option. However, you may not be allowed to use it multiple times during peak periods and the last session of the day.
-The Continue Option is not available for the final room.
-The Continue Option must be used by all players in the group.

Group Size
-This game allows 1-4 players in a group to play.
-This game lets you play the game with only your friends. You will not be grouped with players you do not know.

-You will need to walk around during the game, so please come in comfortable shoes and outfit. We do not recommend wearing skirts or dresses to this game.
-The venue does not have shoes or clothes to rent out if you do not come in an appropriate outfit.
-You will be entering a small room, so please do not bring large bags with you.
There is a cloakroom that can be used to store belongings for a fee (500 yen) at Tokyo Mystery Circus 1F service counter, but as space is limited we recommend that you use public coin lockers.

For Physically-Disabled Individuals
-This game will require you to use all of your 5 senses. Please check the "Game Limitations" for more details.If you are still unclear, please send us an inquiry.

For Non-Japanese Players
-This game is available in both English and Mandarin Chinese as well!

-You can take photos at the venue.
However, uploading photos or videos that reveal the puzzles (spoilers) online is strictly prohibited.

Regarding Spoilers
-We ask that you do not upload photos or write about the puzzles (spoilers) online on any platform as it will ruin the game for future players.

Regarding Multiple Plays
-The answers will not be revealed if your time runs out, so you can challenge the game again.
Please buy a new ticket to play the game again.