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Online Team Building: The New Normal for Better Office Morale

Online Team Building: The New Normal for Better Office Morale

Is the work from home set up getting the best of you? Is the whole office fed up with the tiresome remote work? Or is everyone just simply bored with the everyday online routine? Well, it's time to log off from your work-related apps, as we have something exciting in store for you!

SCRAP proudly presents the ultimate online team building experience! Boost your whole staff's morale with fun and teamwork-filled activities. Aside from establishing camaraderie among colleagues, this online escapade will also serve as a break from the stress caused by the current global crisis.

Learn the reasons why your team should plan your much-needed online adventure here at SCRAP and discover the various exercises that we have lined up just for you. Are you ready? Let's go unwind and have some fun!

Top 6 Reasons to Team Build with SCRAP

Team building at SCRAP will be the essential getaway that your team deserves. Not only is it a short relaxation period for you, but it will also be beneficial in the long run as your whole office will undoubtedly develop into a better unit afterward.

Here are the 6 reasons why this online team building experience will help your team grow and why you should sign up and schedule with us today.

Identifies Strengths

The online team building experience will reveal the strengths of each team member and the team as a whole. It also allows each member of your team to discover their own strong suit and utilize them for the betterment of the team.

The virtual team building can also help you notice the individuality of each team member and will also highlight or emphasize some details from co-workers that you usually do not notice in a daily work setting at the office or online.

For example, a colleague could showcase his/her talents by saying something such as "I'm great at finding inconspicuous hints. I'm sure I can find each and every single clue at the game's venue." While other workmates could display their prowess by professing things like "I love solving problems. I can calmly solve problems even when everyone is in a hurry."

Of course, you may also become a hero by demonstrating abilities that you don't usually show to your colleagues.

Develops Communication Skills

Everyone knows that communication is key to any successful group. The virtual team building will help the entire organization develop vital communication skills in a safe manner.

Participating in our online exercises can help you determine how well your team communicates under pressure and circumstances where everyone has different perspectives, due to the game being played virtually. If there are any communication issues within your office, solving fun interactive puzzles will surely iron those things out.

Tests Fortitude

After a few hours of working on puzzles and collecting clues, the team is still stuck and is having a hard time with the virtual escape game. Moments later, the time officially runs out and your team tastes defeat. But instead of feeling down, your team takes this as a learning experience.

Similarly, the outcome of any project or presentation could be your company's ticket to a better future. But, as all professionals should know, not everything goes your way. Your proposal could be rejected, the big meeting could turn into a disaster, or you could lose a high profile client. But at the end of the day, what matters is how you react to the outcome and use this to inform your decisions in the future. Are you going to use this as motivation? Is this the wake-up call that your team needs?

This online team building experience will undoubtedly test your team's ability in withstanding failure and adversity.

Builds Trust

Trust is one of the most essential ingredients of an effective team. In an escape room environment, you need to have faith that your teammates can successfully tackle any obstacles that lie ahead. It's the same thing at work, you need to be able to trust your colleagues' skills and abilities when doing their day-to-day responsibilities or handling projects.

Our online exercises will help you build trust. Since the game is played through ZOOM or web browser, players will need to communicate verbally. This will make the team interact more than playing the physical Escape Room.

Figuring out small things like puzzles and cracking codes together as a team will eventually lead to team members giving the same faith to colleagues while handling big projects and huge tasks.

Acquaints Everyone

The best way to get to know your teammates is to be with them in different environments. Seeing your workmates in the same video app every day creates a dull routine of how you should act and what you should talk about. The virtual team building, however, will push you out of your comfort zone and allow you to truly know your officemates.

Discover new things about your workmates that you've never known before. Talk to some members that you rarely get a chance to converse with. Since the games are virtual, players can enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere and are more likely to open up to colleagues than meeting in person.

After the exercises, you will definitely have an all-new perspective on some of your colleagues and better understand how they are not just as professionals, but also as individuals.

Creates Memories

Do you ever hang out with your officemates and notice that you eventually find yourself talking about work? In the morning? Work. At lunch? Work. Before you file your timesheet? Work. At the parking lot? Work. At the grocery store? Work. On social media? Work. At an amazing resort during a fun summer? Work. Every professional can surely relate to this.

The great thing about this virtual team building experience is that it creates new memories for you and your team. We assure you that at the end of the escape activities, there will be a lot less boring work conversations, and more reminiscing about unforgettable escape room memories.

Types of Team Building Activities

We always ensure that the team building games, whether it be in-store or online, are perceived by the players as a time when they can let their hair down and put their feet up in relaxation. But at the same time, we want our exercises to be challenging and worth it.


This online team building experience is filled with boat loads of fun that will identify your group's strengths, develop your unit's communication skills, test your fortitude, build trust, let you acquaint with everyone, and create long-lasting memories.

What are you waiting for? Sign your team up for SCRAP's games for the ultimate team building experience today!

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