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SCRAP Online Games
Time to challenge your
puzzle solving skills!

SCRAP Online Games

A completely NEW style of escape game by SCRAP





In light of the current COVID-19 situation, SCRAP is here to present the events online for everyone to enjoy!

1.Escape from the Alien Research Facility (Remote ver.)
2nd version of our remote content is now available!

In this remote game, participants are civilians in the midst of experiencing a virtual "Online Alien Facility Tour",
when suddenly, the alien being kept at the facility goes on a rampage!
Pulled in the accident, participants will need to use the only transmission system to give instructions to the researcher on-site,
search for clues and hints to crack a plan, overcome obstacle after obstacle, and finally stop the alien!
2.Escape from the Werewolf Village (Remote ver.)
A completely NEW style of escape game by SCRAP!
Play a physical escape room, but through your screen?!

Experience an escape game closest to the actual thing without leaving your home.
It's now possible to play with friends living far away too!
One of SCRAP's famous content is now on remote version!

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3.SCRAP Mini Puzzle Challenges/小谜题趣味挑战
Good news for those who's craving to solve puzzles everyday!
we're presenting the daily online puzzle challenges for Eng/ Chinese.
Challenge your puzzle solving skills!

2c06bc11be8fa0fc20f96a4ae84ae4f6fc319407.jpg There will be some more events coming!