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A 30-minute spy and action experience!
Get past the traps and complete your mission!

"Who goes there!"
The voice of a guard, rifle in hand, echos through the base.
Hiding in the shadows behind a pillar, you hold your breath and wait for the danger to pass.
Your body stiffens as the sound of footsteps slowly gets louder and closer...

Infiltrate the enemy's base to the most restricted area, and destroy their ultimate weapon.

As an agent of the Special Intelligence Bureau, you received this said-to-be impossible infiltration mission.

You and your Strategy Support Unit, Shaft, suit up and head for the deadly mission.
Can you get past the traps and heavy surveillance system, fool the armed guards, and get to the ultimate weapon to destroy it?
Projection Table Game vol.1

Spellbound Supper

The power of magic is in your hands
Digital Art meets Puzzle-Solving!
With the latest technology, magic is cast upon the table!
A Projection Mapping experience where you are the main character!

Whispers on the wind tell of a mystical dinner hosted by a powerful witch. Rumor has it great power lies in store for those who attend.
But beware, the witch does not take kindly to those she deems unworthy of dining with her, and her dinner guests are often never seen again.
Prepare to risk everything to prove your worth.

Do you have what it takes to summon the power of magic and outwit the witch?

Escape from The Prison

Can you break out in 10 minutes?
Try it out first!
A brand new type of Real Escape Game that lets you experience an entire game in just 10 minutes!

Search the prison cell in pairs, and find the key to escape!

You were arrested for a crime you did not commit, and have been thrown into the maximum-security prison,
Mystery Prison. As the day of your execution looms closer, you receive a tip-off from your old friend, an informant.

Rumor has it that tonight, there will be a 10-minute window for a chance to escape.
Use that opportunity to break out of your cell. It's your last chance before your death penalty tomorrow...!

Are you able to solve the locks and codes in the prison, and escape from this dire situation?

The Underground Mysteries 2017

Journey deeper into Tokyo's hidden mysteries
Thank you for always taking the metro.
Once again, we have set up mysteries and puzzles around Tokyo this year.

Those puzzles will take you out on a journey.
A fascinating journey that will show you the sides of Tokyo you have not yet seen.
Puzzle after puzzle, you will find yourselves journeying deeper into Tokyo's hidden mysteries.

It is now time for you to solve the mysteries we have set forth for you.
The best way to get around is, of course, with Tokyo Metro.

Survive The Urban Legend

The house where terror resides.
The game is the second volume of the "Haunted Manor" series. A Japanese horror themed title, designed by a Japanese famous haunted house producer, Hirofumi Gomi.

"It wasn't supposed to be this way. I just wanted a friend, someone to talk to. A strange dark shadow started following me. I tried a way to end it, but it didn't work. If this continues, I will be killed."

In this town, there is a place called "the house of no return". The residents have gone missing and all those who have entered have never come out. Thus, "the house of no return".

You, the special investigators, have been requested by the police to survey this house.
Can you live through the fear, discover the secret, and solve the mystery!?


"THE MUMMY Escape Game" is a game that collaborated with the movie "The Mummy" released all over the world this summer!
It is a game which solves a puzzle in a room made by imagining a set of movies.

You and your teammates are hired as Security Guards for Prodigium.
This prestigious underground organization studies occult matters, supernatural happenings and uncanny creatures.
Earlier in the week, a new arrival entered the lab - Ahmanet, former princess of Egypt, turned prisoner as The Mummy.
Suddenly, while receiving an orientation about the facility, the alarm rings!
Now Ahmanet calls upon her ancient powers to break away from her confinement as she sets off the sensors and attempts to break the seal that keeps her from wreaking havoc.
The Mummy is said to bring calamity upon humanity and her release could be the beginning of the end.

Your mission is simple: Solve the puzzles and entomb The Mummy!

Escape from Hunter X

-Set traps to defeat your pursuer!-
This is a very innovative real-life game created by SCRAP, world No.1 pioneer of real-life e scape game! Set traps to defeat your pursuer!

Your heart beats. Sweat drips down your forehead.
The sounds of footsteps are getting closer...
The threat of death is imminent.
Hunter X...
Here to steal your top secret information,
an assassination machine is closing in on you!
With no weapons, the only thing you can do is hide.
You scan around the room and find a few items that can be utilized as traps: a rope, a net, and oil.
The only way to survive is to set up a trap and fight back.
What will you use?
Where will you put it?
Your very life depends on these decisions.
Can you set up the trap and defeat the pursuer?

Real Escape Game color series vol. 1

Escape from The RED ROOM

This is the “real” Real Escape Game

You find yourself locked in a room. There are no puzzles or codes around you - only red walls, mysterious props and two locked doors.

You must rely on your own abilities to open these doors and escape.
The "real" Real Escape Game awaits you.

What is Real Escape Game?

Real Escape Game in the largest escape room concept of its kind in Japan, and owns the most content and escape outlets country-wide!

You find yourself locked in a room. Around you, are people in the same situation as you are.

How do you escape?

You look down at the information in your hands. You look around the room. Words, numbers, symbols, pictures are everywhere – Puzzles you have to solve.

The deadline looms over your head. Time is ticking away and to escape, you have to solve all these puzzles before time is up.

Will you be one of the few to escape? Or will you be locked in?


  • Escape from
    the Haunted Manor

    “THRILLING! Though it was scary, the experience of exploring a Japanese themed haunted house while solving puzzles was a great experience.”
    (Indonesia, 23)

  • Escape from
    The RED ROOM

    “Having the puzzles in shapes and numbers rather than language was helpful and allowed us to enjoy it because we can’t speak Japanese!”
    (Thailand, 25)

  • Escape from
    The RED ROOM

    “I really enjoyed the lateral thinking focus of the puzzles inThe RED ROOM, it really gets you to think outside the box.”
    (Australia, 41)



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